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Wrong part gets inserted into assembly

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nealbert, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. nealbert

    nealbert Member

    I'm thinking this problem is unique to v22, because I did not have this problem before upgrading to v22 a couple of days ago. Basically, the problem is just what the title of the thread says...I try to insert a part into an assembly and a different part, the wrong part, gets inserted! Yeah, can't happen, can it? I've attached component and assembly files so you can see for yourself.
    A little background first...the sheet metal assembly consists of 5 parts. At one point in the design, the side pieces were both the same part number (-008). But, the side pieces needed different holes in them, so I created -009 from -008. Identical except for the holes. Now, when I try to replace a Side Panel -008 with -009, -008 comes back. If I delete one of the Side Panels, go to Insert Design, select the -009 part, -008 gets inserted! If I start over and create a BRAND NEW assembly, 008 gets inserted when I've actually selected -009!
    Other things I've tried (to no avail) :
    Copied the files to a new folder
    Renamed ALL the parts
    Renamed the assembly
    Shut down the computer completely and rebooted
    None of the above action have helped.
    I guess the next obvious step is to just redraw -009 from scratch to remove any association with -008. Right? Any other suggestions?
    Neal Cooper
    PS : v22 looks like a great upgrade. I've watched most of the videos describing the new features. Looking forward to using the new stuff.

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  2. simonb65

    simonb65 Alibre Super User

    There are many thread on this forum about how files are made unique. The one thing that breaks that uniqueness is by copying files in windows. If you need to make a part from another part, do a Save As, give it a new name, then carry on editing it. The application doesn't just rely on filenames, but a unique identifier embedded in the part file. If you do a windows copy, that unique identifier is now the same in 2 parts and it breaks your linkages!!

    Renaming and copying outside Alibre is a BIG NO NO!
  3. nealbert

    nealbert Member

    Thank you for the explanation. I've been a user of Alibre for 12+ years and have NEVER made a copy of a part outside of Alibre....until last week. I was in Windows File Manager and it just seem like the expedient thing to do. Make a copy of a part within File Manager. What could go wrong? Guess I learned the hard way and I won't be making that mistakes again.

    Thanks again for the explanation.

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