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WizoGrid 1.2.0 Released

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ajayre, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. ajayre

    ajayre Alibre Super User

    Download from www.wizotools.com

    This version can access parameters in subassemblies and parts in assemblies. This is done through the parameter name. For exmaple:


    will get or set the parameter baz on the part bar<1> on the subassembly foo<2>. This works wherever a parameter name can be used in WizoGrid.

    It's now possible to get parameters from part, assembly and global parameter files by using a new formula:

    =GETFROMFILE("Length", "..\test.AD_GLP")

    If a relative path is specified then it is relative to the current part or assembly where WizoGrid is running.

    Finally 'Apply Buttons' have been added. This allows a button to be placed in a cell that when clicked sets the values of multiple parameters in one go. The idea is that a part library could exist as a spreadsheet then the desired part is chosen by row. Clicking on the apply button for that row will then generate the part.

    Here is an animation showing the concept:


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