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viewer you can send to customer

Discussion in 'Using Alibre Design' started by BrianE.Evans, May 9, 2013.

  1. simonb65

    simonb65 Alibre Super User

    I know its not native Alibre, but I often use CAD Assistant on my Android phone and 10.5" tablet for showing clients my models. It supports STEP files really well and is very quick ...

  2. Mika

    Mika Senior Member

    I tried, first problem was that I can only open the local files from my phone...not from cloud storage.
  3. Michel Trahan

    Michel Trahan Member

    I support this thinking 100% ...

    My clients do not need the software ... they mainly want to see it it portrais what was intended ... I am building up an Aspire application to do the toolpaths for valences ... then save the data points to a file that I will load into Alibre to automatically build the parts and the assembly ... if everything is automated, I could display the looks of things ASAP ... put it on the cloud for the clients to review ...

    But it is very helpfull to know that Alibre functions as a viewer when the trial expires.

    Keep up the good work :)
  4. Hunter

    Hunter Member

    You can save your files as JT files, and customers can view using the free JT2Go viewer (by Siemens). It keeps your part structure, colours, you can measure, hide parts, etc. Also available for mobile devices. https://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/global/en/products/plm-components/jt2go.html
  5. Mika

    Mika Senior Member

    I can export my files in many other formats also and view those with some free 3D viewers...but it is not really good solution to this.
  6. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    In an ideal world you want to be able to export your file as (say) myfile.ad_view. This *.ad_view file contains not only the assembly/part data but also all code required to open the file in its own window with options to zoom, rotate, take basic measurements, etc. And it should work on all OS's. And it should be no bigger than 5mb.

    Devs still have some time before the V21 release so...
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  7. jfleming

    jfleming Senior Member

    Kind of an older post, does this still hold true?
  8. DavidJ

    DavidJ Alibre Super User Staff Member

    Yes an expired trial will open in 'viewer mode' - but be aware the user has to confirm that at each session (offered choice of enter licence code, or open in viewer mode).
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