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update to V22 failed - missing source file

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jasper, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. Jasper

    Jasper Member

    I have been successfully running Alibre Design Expert V21 for quite some time now. Today when I started Alibre, it said there was an update available (V22). I selected it and it began the install of the update. At some point, it said something about needing to install some C++ item, and so I clicked "yes" to install that, which then required a reboot of the computer. After reboot, the V22 update started again automatically, got almost all the way done, and then gave an error of a .cab source file not found, and stopped the install. On top of not installing V22, it seems to have completely removed V21. There is now no Alibre of any kind on my computer. How can I get it back?

  2. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    We've seen some people have this issue. Just download it and install it.

  3. SquibLoad

    SquibLoad Member

    I'm afraid having similar problems as PJ while upgrading to V22 as well, on a Win10 system.
    I've tried the 'update' tab within Alibre, and the direct download that Max suggested.
    Both methods fail.

    In my case, V21 is still present and operable, but seems to be interfering with the V22 install process, but can't be uninstalled.
    My initial attempted upgrade also went through the same C++ install/reboot dance as PJ experienced, and promptly failed at that same point, and also complaining about missing source files.
    After downloading Max's direct file, now an attempted upgrade process fails, requesting uninstall of previous version (v21 installed).
    There is no clear way to do that, since there is no Alibre entry listing under 'apps' to allow uninstall, nor is there a way within the 'utilities' tab of Alibre to uninstall itself.
    What am I missing?

  4. HaroldL

    HaroldL Alibre Super User

    When I updated from the update notice AD gave me, I DID NOT restart when the C++ install was done. I cancelled that dialog and let AD complete its update. When AD was done installing then I restarted my laptop. I think the sequencing of the install/restart steps could be better. OR have C++ install before AD.
  5. DavidJ

    DavidJ Alibre Super User Staff Member

  6. simonb65

    simonb65 Alibre Super User

    Installers (i.e Installshield) generally install pre-requisites (i.e. C++ runtimes, .NET frameworks) and register them with windows BEFORE the main application. Installation issues can be anything from pre-requisites not being in the install chain to user access permissions at the time of install. Installers are an art in themselves!
  7. hmorgan

    hmorgan New Member

    tried to renew maintenance plan and update to v22. Now have no access to any part of alibre. Entire process is junk from my point of view. alibre have not continued to improve but has continued to diminish this utilitie's operability.
  8. DavidJ

    DavidJ Alibre Super User Staff Member

    Harry - you can revert to the previous version whilst your maintenance renewal is processed.

    Alibre Sales doesn't work weekends - so the manual steps in the order processing won't complete at a weekend. It's possible that somebody who can do those checks may look in over the weekend, but it isn't guaranteed.
  9. SquibLoad

    SquibLoad Member

    It seems that this upgrade process is broken for some folks.

    Since my installation still functions with V21, I should probably quit while I'm ahead and wait until Alibre works the bugs out of the upgrade. It sure doesn't work at the moment. This is petty disappointing, and makes me question why we are all paying for 'maintenance'. Don't work weekends? On a global product? And expect to get paid for that? On a product that must 'phone home' to function?
    Harrumph.. that is really no different or better than the 'cloud' model that folks are grousing about over at 'Brand X', to which I subscribe and pay for (full price) as well.

    My three year maintenance renewal is up in Feb, and at that time I'll certainly evaluate how this upgrade and 'support' progresses before whipping out the credit card to buy another round for the house.

    I'm not a heavy 'professional' user like some here, but I still want my installation to work, especially if I'm paying for 'maintenance'.
    If I was a 'Pro' user, I'd be pretty steamed right now, particularly if the upgrade broke the current installation as it has for some.
    Thankfully I can afford to be patient while Alibre works this out, but not everyone is able to do so.

    Alibre staff, please take notice. (Brand X too!)
    This is a test of the health of your future revenue stream.
    We are watching, and we vote with our dollars.
    Make us happy we gave them to you, otherwise next time I'll just buy more tooling for my mill instead.
  10. SquibLoad

    SquibLoad Member

    One final note, and then I'll shut up (hah!)

    If Alibre could strive to improve the upgrade process as other programs have, that would be welcome.

    Some suggestions:

    Make the process silent, and run in the background. For all the other faults it has, that is one area that Brand X has done very well.
    Upgrades are usually pretty painless, and happen automagically.

    Leave previous versions in place and operable, even after an upgrade (Brand X does not, BTW). CorelDraw, for example, manages to do so, and that program is every bit as large and complex as Alibre Design. I also subscribe to maintenance for CorelDraw, and it leaves every prior version in place and usable after a major version upgrade. It also provides the option to 'save as' data files as previous versions. I have occasionally found that ability handy when wrangling a particularly elderly file, or sharing and transferring data with a co-worker or client who may not have the very latest version installed. These days, the storage space required to leave previous version in situ is negligible in relation to modern drives, so no penalty to do so. Even better, give users the choice. If having access to a previous version is useful for solving even one problem, then it is worthwhile to do so. There is no real penalty to having previous versions present, as a user may use them or not as one sees fit, or remove them if desired.

    These programs are all about solving user's problems, after all.
    Otherwise, why would we spend our money and time on them?

    I realize these features are likely not priorities for most folks, but could be handy for some.
  11. NateLiqGrav

    NateLiqGrav Alibre Super User

    • I imagine it's a relatively small percent having installer issues.
    • Never install critical software the first day it is released (unless specifically for testing on a separate machine from your normal use). I'd even recommend waiting a week or even a month of you can.
    • If your in the middle of a project then wait until that project is done before installing.
    • Alibre should really roll out update notifications in stages. Randomly pick 10% of registered users and notify them. If no major issues then randomly pick another 25%, then another 25%, then finally the last 40%. Anyone who REALLY wants to could download it manually and update in the meantime.
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  12. Drutort

    Drutort Senior Member

  13. SquibLoad

    SquibLoad Member

    The problem with the upgrade attempt on my particular system seems to be that V21 cannot be uninstalled, and the V22 install will not proceed without that step, nor does the install routine offer to perform that task as some other programs do.
    There is no listing under 'apps' for any Alibre version, either the installed V21 or the failed install of V22, and no other way to uninstall short of the old-fashioned method of nuking files and directories. Which of course still leaves registry entries intact and a likely source of mischief.

    I think randomly trying various 'fixes', file deletes, registry edits, repairs, etc. would likely lead me to having no working Alibre Design of any sort.
    I'm currently at the 'in a hole' stage, so I'd best stop digging.
    I'm likely to just make things worse mucking about with this.

    So, we seem to have a chicken vs egg situation.
    The chicken is currently winning; V21 is still functional, and the egg can't find any room in the nest.

    I'd prefer that Alibre fix this, since that is why we pay for maintenance.
    I'll need to open a ticket with Alibre once they come back from their weekend festivities.
    They may have an easy fix for this situation that is not occurring to me.

    I still really, really wish Alibre would leave previous versions intact and functional.
    That would eliminate much of this drama in one swell foop.
  14. DavidJ

    DavidJ Alibre Super User Staff Member

    SquibLoad - the Microsoft utility that I pointed out earlier is one that we also suggest via support .

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