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Tips and Tricks:

Discussion in 'Tutorials and Tips from the Community' started by MilesH, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. wathavy4

    wathavy4 Alibre Super User

    How to create a Alibre Design Add-on
  2. wathavy4

    wathavy4 Alibre Super User

  3. wathavy4

    wathavy4 Alibre Super User

  4. wathavy4

    wathavy4 Alibre Super User

  5. wathavy4

    wathavy4 Alibre Super User

  6. indesign

    indesign Alibre Super User

    Add more emocons

    You must have a link to emocons. You may sign up to another forum or search the internet for them.

    I use the cadcam trainer forum.

    When adding them to the post you must surround them using the "Img" format or it shows up as a link. Surround the http link to the image by clicking the Img button before and after the link.

    http://www.cadcamtrainer.com/forums/ima ... jparty.gif

    To get the http link of an existing emocon simply right click the emocon and select Properties.

  7. OTE_TheMissile

    OTE_TheMissile Alibre Super User

    Here's a neat one I stumbled across: If your files have long names (such as the ones I do here at Rivco: "GL18007-10 FRAMEBRACE RIGHT HAND") and you don't feel like retyping that whole thing when you save the drawing that goes with your model, in the Save or Save As menus just click on the filename for the model, as if you were trying to overwrite it. Alibre knows the difference between model files and drawing files, and instead of overwriting it'll copy the filename and give it the proper extension.
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  8. NateLiqGrav

    NateLiqGrav Alibre Super User

    Solid Part Modeling In Sheet Metal Mode
    Here is one I did not find on this list, but figured out how after reading a comment about using solid part modeling in a sheet metal part. Results of using the two in combination are not optimal (read as: may result in error) but may solve a tricky problem for you.

    Solid part modeling features are located on the Feature menu under Features.

    Solid Part Modeling Toolbar In Sheet Metal Mode
    Right click on any toolbar and check "Part Modeling".

    Done. Now you can quickly use some of the solid part modeling features.

    I'm sure the experts here knew this one already but for a new guy like me it might help.
  9. Ralf

    Ralf Alibre Super User

    Editor: Threads and Material

    Editor for Alibre Design as Freeware -> Threads and Materials.

    Download Editor


    (Editor is no longer available.)
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2020
  10. wathavy4

    wathavy4 Alibre Super User

  11. wathavy4

    wathavy4 Alibre Super User

  12. wathavy4

    wathavy4 Alibre Super User

  13. Hobelman

    Hobelman Member

    Faster respons of explorermenus:

    This is a workaround for the right click menu delay in the explorer on big assemblies: switch to Wire Display (View > Display > Wireframe) and activate the Display Acceleration (View > Display Acceleration or icon). In this way the viewport is still shaded but the delay is gone.

    There is no effect in Vista because this delay only occurs in XP.
  14. OTE_TheMissile

    OTE_TheMissile Alibre Super User

    Did anybody know that if you start a sketch on a plane and it appears in the wrong direction (i.e., you're looking at the back of the part instead of the front), you can immediately flip it around by clicking the "Orient To Sketch Plane" button while the view is still oriented to the sketch plane?

    Found that out totally by accident 8)
  15. OTE_TheMissile

    OTE_TheMissile Alibre Super User

    Boy I'm on a roll with the T&T lately :D

    Maybe this has been addressed in v10 or is being worked on for v11, but in v9.2 I always found it cumbersome to do bolt-circle patterns using the Hole tool. When making the Sketch for placing the holes, the only tool that isn't greyed out is the Node. So no way to generate a reference arc or any reference lines to establish the angle of the first hole.

    Today I got a project with a B.C. pattern that had no holes directly above or next to the B.C. center, and not evenly spaced. It suddenly dawned on me a way to workaround the limitations of the hole sketch. I just placed one hole for starters more or less where I wanted it without dimensioning it, and clicked OK. Then, I right-clicked on the hole's Sketch in the Design Explorer. Now I've got all my tools 8)

    Drew my B.C. and converted it to a reference figure (through the right click menu), and drew reference lines from the center to the B.C. where each hole would be, and dimensioned the angle they made. Exit Sketch mode.

    Right click on the Hole feature in Design Explorer and select Edit, and taadaa, now I've got my B.C., reference angles, and all the endpoints I need to properly locate the holes.

  16. wathavy4

    wathavy4 Alibre Super User

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  17. wathavy4

    wathavy4 Alibre Super User

    The cam curvature is named Modified sinusoidal curve in my text book.
    The formula may be obtained from books.
    The excel graph shows that my input was ok. :wink:

    EDIT 2010 Dec 07
    Applied with CycloidGearReducer by bemfarmer

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  18. dmckee101

    dmckee101 Alibre Super User

    Re: Tips and Tricks: Creating Revision Markers

    Alibre has a utility for creating Custom Symbols that can be used to create revision markers for drawings. I'm sure you could use these custom symbols for other purposes as well.

    The process (for doing it in a drawing) is like this;
    1)Activate sketch.
    2)Draw the marker shape you want.
    3)On menu under "Sketch>Text> Field" add a Field and place it in the shape you just drew. (This is the same way you would add a field to a drawing template.)
    4)Under "Sketch>Create Custom Symbol" choose the lines of the shape and the field you added and save.

    Now that it's saved you can insert it anytime, any drawing.

    A)Open a new drawing and activate sketch.
    B)Under "Sketch> Insert Custom Symbol" in the dialog box choose your new symbol and pick a point to insert.
    C)You'll get a popup box to edit the field (just like fields used in title blocks). No exploding, no scripts.
  19. indesign

    indesign Alibre Super User

    Display dimension in BOM from equation editor

    This works for "design dimensions" added from a solid to a drawing or any parameter in the equation ediotor.

    In a BOM

    Edit>Insert Column

    Click Custom
    Chance the Data Type to Parameter
    In the Property change thr name to that of the equation name from the equation editor you wish to display.
    Click OK

    Now you display a dimension (or calculation) in the BOM! :D :D :D

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  20. mkent

    mkent Senior Member

    Generating points for import

    I found a nice graphing program that will let you generate a curve of any math function.
    You can define the extents and the increments for the curve and a list of points will be generated in .csv format or others.
    The points can then be brought into Alex's "Point Import Wizard" and plotted in Alibre.

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