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The Script Editor

Discussion in 'Alibre Script' started by ajayre, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. ajayre

    ajayre Alibre Super User

    The recent ressurection of an old topic regarding the editor made me realize that the AlibreScript manual should contain a chapter on the editor and some of it's features.

    I've attached the new chapter here and it will be included in future releases of Alibre Design (except the release scheduled for next week).

    If there is something you feel would help new users and should be included in this chapter please post below.


    Attached Files:

  2. NateLiqGrav

    NateLiqGrav Alibre Super User

    Andy, Are there any user settings / files for changing the editor styles/colors? Specifically back color?
  3. ajayre

    ajayre Alibre Super User

    No. You want the ability to choose dark background and light text? Andy
  4. simonb65

    simonb65 Alibre Super User

    Andy, if this is implemented, it would be good if any script editor colours (background, text, syntax highlighting, etc) could be set through the System Options->Display->Color Scheme Settings rather than a separate setting in the script editor itself to keep it all nice any tidy! :)
  5. ajayre

    ajayre Alibre Super User

    Thanks for the suggestion. Alibre would need to allow add-ons to do that. Currently add-ons have their own UI that doesn't mix with the application! Andy
  6. NateLiqGrav

    NateLiqGrav Alibre Super User

    Yes, I currently use this theme in Atom https://atom.io/themes/one-dark-syntax.

    There are very few reasons I often use Atom for editing AlibreScripts - the main one is eye strain relief.
    Just a dark option would make life better and I would use Atom a lot less.

    The other reasons I use Atom are:
    Highlighting pairs of brackets, parentheses, and braces. - This is a nice feature for those long lines.
    Multi-line find and replace. - This would be nice but I don't use it much.
    Multiple language / format support. - I'd never expect or ask for this in AlibreScript

    This would be a good place for theme or color selection:
  7. simonb65

    simonb65 Alibre Super User

    Hi Andy, I thought Alibre Script had become a little more integrated than an add-on, but if adding to the settings menu and settings data were available as a UI hook, it would be really good.
  8. GIOV

    GIOV Senior Member

    Hi Andy,
    It would be excellent if the Part / Assemble script appears in the same workspace where the script console is. In my opinion it's better for visualizing the whole process.
  9. idslk

    idslk Alibre Super User

    Hello GIOV,

    you can organize it as you like:




  10. GIOV

    GIOV Senior Member

    How do you do this??
    When I start a script the model is generated in other workspace...and not as in your case.:confused:
  11. NateLiqGrav

    NateLiqGrav Alibre Super User

    See in the code the line:
    cp = CurrentPart()

    CurrentPart() let's you get the currently active part instead of creating a new part.

    CurrentAssembly() works the same way but for assembly.
  12. GIOV

    GIOV Senior Member

    Right now I understand.
    Thanks very much!

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