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Symbols Appear as Letters in PDF

Discussion in 'Using Alibre Design' started by KMech, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. KMech

    KMech New Member

    When using the "Publish to PDF" too, any customers or coworkers who open the PDF and don't have the Alibre fonts installed have all the symbols showing as letters. Is there anyway to embed the font within the PDF?
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  2. TimoCAD

    TimoCAD Senior Member

    It works in PDF with the legacy Display Option. But *.dxf is still messed up!
  3. Suthwind

    Suthwind New Member

    A 2D drawing PDF export from Alibre Design Expert SP2 containing GD&T was emailed to a coworker yesterday to check and all of the GD&T symbols were altered when viewed on a PC and Mac other than the systems Alibre is installed on.

    The Position symbols showed as Phi, the "+/-" were just "-", among others. Printing the drawing as a PDF resolved this issue, however that defeats the purpose of PDF export from within the software.

    It appears a little more work is needed to resolve the PDF export issue, please.

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  4. TimoCAD

    TimoCAD Senior Member

    The same with dxf export.
  5. DavidJ

    DavidJ Alibre Super User Staff Member

    Change the PDF writer selection in the new PDF section of System options to use a different one (the 'built-in writer', i.e. HOOPS doesn't embed the fonts in the PDF).

    Until that has been resolved with Techsoft, the solution is to use a different writer - though of course do check the behaviour of whatever installed PDF writers you have on your system.
  6. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

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