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Status of AD 2019 and SP2?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by H-L-Smith, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. H-L-Smith

    H-L-Smith Senior Member

    I haven't upgraded to AD 2019 yet. Having worked in the software industry for 30 years, I fully expected "teething" issues with all the underlying technology changes to core libraries for this new version(s). So, I've been content to watch and wait until things stabilized. I don't have any compelling need to upgrade right now (I am on maintenance, so I can do it anytime). However, I'm excited by the new features, and especially with the 2D drawing and "views" improvements.

    So, my questions is, "Do we consider SP2 as stable and long term now, or is it an interim release still?"


  2. simonb65

    simonb65 Alibre Super User

    I would personally consider it an interim release, the new UI still has issues which I believe are waiting on a HOOPS engine update. The next release that Alibre are hinting at is a feature rich update (v21). Hopefully v21 will also include ongoing improvements and fixes for the HOOPS graphics, stability, memory leak fixes, better responsiveness and get us back to somewhere near to where we used to be, be it with all the new bells and whistles. Many of us are still using it with the legacy display (which doesn't use the new HOOPS visuals) because it crashes with HOOPS and it still does weird stuff with selections, zooming, scaling and updating the UI.

    In the end, only you can decide if it's suitable for yourself! If there is something that you currently have that needs fixing, then maybe that's fixed in the latest release. If not, I would stay put for a while longer unless you just want to try the new look.
  3. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    Stable-ish. From what I've some users have had issues, particularly wrt drawings. I don't think anyone can say for certain that V21 won't have teething problems.
  4. H-L-Smith

    H-L-Smith Senior Member


    Thanks for the info, gents. Is there a tentative time frame associated with the release of V21? If it's close by, I'll wait to upgrade. If it's a ways off, I'll just go for SP2 instead.

  5. Lew_Merrick

    Lew_Merrick Alibre Super User

    Yes, stable-ish is a decent description. The Edit->Color Properties overwrite the "set-up" I have been using since 2009. Also the External Thread tool has "lost" the "Leading Edcge Chamfer" setting. These are driving me to distraction! -- Lew
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  6. DavidJ

    DavidJ Alibre Super User Staff Member

  7. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    No its still there...

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  8. H-L-Smith

    H-L-Smith Senior Member

    Thanks very much, David. That isn't far off.

  9. Lew_Merrick

    Lew_Merrick Alibre Super User

  10. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    Not sure how to respond to that. Can't see why they would remove it in your version....
  11. idslk

    idslk Alibre Super User

  12. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    ... so the British and German versions both allow creation of a chamfer...


  13. oldfox

    oldfox Alibre Super User

    A picture is worth... Even in America.

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  14. HaroldL

    HaroldL Alibre Super User

    And I get the same results.
  15. JST

    JST Alibre Super User

    Well there are problems elsewhere, but that chamfer option is still there.

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