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Sketch Snapping Modes in Atom3D, Possible Bug

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CNC Crasher, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. CNC Crasher

    CNC Crasher Member

    If my understanding is incorrect please correct me, but I've been finding sketching in Atom3D (SP2) kind of painful. Snapping to the grid is either all or nothing, and neither mode is all that great. If there's a way you could snap to the grid only when you're close to an intersection (just like how you can with the origin), I would be so much less averse to using the program.

    Also, I've noticed that if you change snapping modes in the middle of drawing a feature, it completely breaks Atom3D. The interface becomes unresponsive, I can't draw anything else, and sometimes when I exit the sketch the rest of the UI is broken (can't rotate/pan/etc). Is this a bug, or just me?

    Screencap of glitch:
    Might want to play this at 1.5x speed, it's kinda boring. Bug starts at 1:38, and shows me failing to be able to draw anything else after toggling snapping.

    And while I'm here, is it possible to trim lines by clicking and dragging the cursor over several segments? Is this something implemented in Design, but not Atom3D perhaps?
  2. idslk

    idslk Alibre Super User

    Hello CNC Crasher,
    might be a good start to take a look at https://www.alibre.com/training/...
    As well you can do a forum search "sketch snapping" and you will get a lot of results...
    From my side: I never use the grid nor grid snap...instead i use constraints
  3. dwc

    dwc Alibre Super User

    I use the grid once on each sketch.. to determine a point that is at the origin.
    Other than that just draw and dimension or constrain, I find it faster and one is not limited to dimensions that are a multiple of the grid size (and it can be easily changed/corrected in the future).
    And no need to ever turn grid snapping on.
  4. CNC Crasher

    CNC Crasher Member

    Never using snapping and relying on constraints like horizontal/vertical is totally valid, but is it too much to ask for both? It's 2019, and there are examples out there of how to do it better. I just went to see if snapping was as bad in Fusion 360 and just realized I had it enabled the whole time. It's so seamless and intuitive that you don't even think about it. Your points snap when they're near an intersection, they are free to be placed anywhere when not near a grid point, and the grid scaling has a secondary scale that comes in dynamically as you zoom so I can place things on a 1" square grid initially, but if I zoom in I can place them on 1/4" spacing. Is it perfect? No. But it feels so much more polished.

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