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SimWise for Alibre V.22

Discussion in '3rd Party Add-ons' started by Plista, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. Plista

    Plista Member

    Please upgrade to SimWise V9.95 for Alibre 22 (V9.9.5.3557 or later) to work with latest version of this CAD.

    Users under maintenance can download the updated versions from
    SimWise Motion (3D kinetodinamical engine)
    SimWise FEA (finite element analysis)
    SimWise 4D (combined 3D+FEA).

    Industrial cases and demo version in http://www.simwise4d.com/

    In addition to the movies and pictures of some application cases in www.lista.it/atnet/index.htmI have been requested to update here again same example files to run with SimWise for Alibre to test this add-on software, so that people interested in this add-on can try them with the free demo available in http://www.simwise4d.com

    A tutorial is available inhttp://www.simwise4d.it/SimWiseAlibreEN.htmand some other test files here below:

    the ball always bounces vertically with two different contact simulation models, in one case to investigate the final deformation and in the other to catch all the transient vibrations of the beam. How to get the ball to abandon the vertical trajectory as in reality? In our training we show how to model deformable bodies in SimWise

    combination of kinetodynamics and linear fem in an almost static approach

    delete any previously calculated history with WORLD, ERASE MOTION HISTORY then click in RUN and change the turbine rotational speed until the balls go down and plot their 3D vectors of instantaneous speed; also change the speed of the turbine while the balls fall ...

    navigate with the camera inside the tubular frame and check the simplification adopted to see the different behavior of the structure as the thickness of the welding at the joints changes

    display speed with OpenGL_to_DirectX graphics conversion

    conveyor belt simplification

    Lista Studio srl

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