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Should I or shouldn't I?

Discussion in '3D Printing' started by Andy, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Andy

    Andy Member

    I thought I would dip my toe in the 3d printer water and have spent some time looking at what is available for £300-£400. I have changed my mind more times than I care to mention but the money is burning a hole in my pocket so if I don't spend it soon it will disappear.
    So, I have arrived (sort of) at the decision to throw my hard earned cash to Prusa for a Mini, the basis of this decision is that there seems to be fewer people being negative about it than other printers and their slicer seems to be OK. Also as a nubee to the sport I thought a European manufacturer would have better instructions and customer service. Then I read the Trustpilot review on Prusa and although there was good and bad there are a good number of recent 1 star reports of bad service. I thought, I wonder if they are all the same but Creality's recent reviews are 5 star.


    So, should I or shouldn't I, throw my money at Prusa ....... or Creality or somewhere else!!
    I would really appreciate any views or experiences any of you have had that could help me decide.
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  2. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    I have pm'd you.

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