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Publish to PDF limitations?

Discussion in 'Using Alibre Design' started by PaulProe, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. PaulProe

    PaulProe Senior Member

    I thought the publish to PDF would be a very useful too,l, but learning 'not so much'

    Is there a way to use this feature and have it print multiple pages?

    Or do I just forget it and treat it as another real estate grab that doesn't work?

  2. Oldbelt

    Oldbelt Senior Member

  3. Jimpulse

    Jimpulse Senior Member

    Below the "Publish to PDF" command there is a command to "continue previously created PDF" this allows for muti paged pdfs employing 3D content.
    You can also call "Publish to PDF" from the drawing environment to create Non 3D content pdfs. The "continue previously created PDF" command does not appear there, but I have found if you enter a previously used file name you will be given the option of appending or overwriting.
    I have not used the P. to PDF from drawings often and it appears to have limited control over format and rotation etc.
    There is much room for improvement in this facility, but I'm guessing that is well down the list. The 3D PDF feature was largely abandoned by Adobe ( supported as read & display only) and left to 3rd party developers for content creation tools.

    If your desire is to create pdfs of exclusively NON 3d content, using one of the many print to pdf programs might be a better way as you will have much more control over the output. Some offer the ability to rearrange pages, or add content from other programs Word etc.
    I would be interested in what others are using for their pdf printers that have these higher level functions. I've enjoyed a paid version of PDFfactory, but I have let it get too many versions back and it is not working well with later operating systems.

  4. PaulProe

    PaulProe Senior Member

    I have Adobe Acrobat installed as my PDF program. When I use it with the Print command, Alibre has issues with the page orientation.

    The "Publish to PDF" command is there for only a single sheet. I do not have the command "Continue previously created PDF"

    When I try to 'overwrite' the first PDF, it truly does overwrite it, it doesn't ask the option of overwriting or appending.

    It prints a single sheet just fine, but beyond that, not so much. It just would have been easier to use this command as there are bugs in the printing by PDF and the page orientation features.

    It would be nice if Alibre would make just one of them work properly. I am seeing this action in the latest version of Alibre 2018.0.1 64-bit [Build 19033]

  5. laverne3ca

    laverne3ca Member

    Just read this post as I'm having issues creating a pdf of a drawing, I have no issues with a 3D pdf even after downloading the PDFill from the link you provided. Alibre can't find the program and suggests loading a pdf writer. This is on a Windows 7 pc.
    Also ran a repair after installing PDFill and that didn't help either.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2018

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