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PDF printing method

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JST, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. JST

    JST Alibre Super User

    With the various problems folks seem to have with the printouts, I have to mention that I have used "PDF995" for many years now, and it seems to just plain work. Consistently.

    Best thing is that if you do not mind closing an ad, it costs nothing at all. It is only $9.95 if you actually bought it.

    PDF995 ought not to be an issue, because it just takes the printer output and makes the PDF from that, but.... apparently not all DO work. I have never had anything unexpected happen with the PDF995 program. Recommended.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2019
  2. albie0803

    albie0803 Alibre Super User

    On a slightly different note, the internal data sent to the pdf "Printer" is now much larger in the 2019 versions.
    I had to update a page of a 19 page drawing file and reprint it as a pdf for general usage. The 2018 pdf was just over 4kb: the 2019 pdf was 47.5kb! 10x larger.
    On a good note, all 19 pages printed to pdf successfully rather than dying at about page 12. I used to have to do 4-5 pages at a time and then merge the pdfs into 1 file.
  3. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    Yes. There are just too many issues with the current HOOPS implementation. We're releasing a new version shortly that only addresses PDF publishing issues and it will revert to the old method which consistently produces good results until the new one is up to snuff.
  4. dmckee101

    dmckee101 Alibre Super User

    Will the 'Publish to PDF' remain as it is for drawings? This is the one way I found to output a pdf file capable of being transformed into a vector (.svg) file, via Inkscape. There may be third party apps that can output vector compatible files, but I stopped looking after I realized it was a feature of Alibre.

    We have customers using our product drawings in training manuals and need vector (.svg) files. Other uses for vector format are decal / overlay / membrane switch assemblies. Those manufacturers need and sometimes require vector files. If we can't give them vector-based art, they recreate the art at our cost.
  5. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    I'll have to check but I believe we are still allowing the currently shipping flavor as an option.
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  6. TimoCAD

    TimoCAD Senior Member

    Hi Max,

    I know that at the Moment, the *. svg format is going to be discussed and already used in a wide area of Industries, as neutral exchange Format for 2D-documentation. If you implement that into the Software it'll be a great step for Alibre.
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  7. domcm

    domcm Senior Member


    Any updates on a release date for the PDF fix?
  8. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    Should be next week. We are testing it now. Very close.
  9. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah this is on our radar. We need to investigate.
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  10. TimoCAD

    TimoCAD Senior Member

    Hey Max, I noticed that if I have entries in the part-Properties like Part number, Name, etc. the font size of the drawing template is Not recognized or is at least smaller than in the drawing template defined. Can you also please have a look at that? Tested it with older parts and New parts. Thanks in advance, Timo.
  11. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    FYI Monday/Tuesday (Dec 2/3) is our new target. This is a really inconvenient time to release because of Thanksgiving - so it's taking an extra day or two. Sorry about that, but we're working on it as fast as we can. We were also able to put a few bug fixes as well.
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  12. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

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