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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GIOV, Sep 6, 2020.

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    "User Experience Design:
    It is a process that is very similar to a science process. It usually includes research to understand the users, developing ideas to solve the users’ needs as well as the needs of the business. Once the solutions are built their performance is measured in the real and constantly tweaked to address ever-changing user expectations. Good UX should make the user more productive and easier for them to access the data and features they need — whether it’s by establishing new workflows or optimizing the existing ones, changing improving product architecture, making it simpler yet more powerful.

    User Interface:
    It specifically deals with elements you see on a screen and interact with, such as menu bars and buttons are implemented. UX, on the other hand, refers to the broader concept of how those features support the overall user experience."
    I would like you to be inspired by AD11.2
    This threat has been crated as contribution to find the best UI/UX that needs AD from customers that are participant in the forum.
    I would like give some guidelines to be followed that may help in the correct direction of each contribution.
    When do a opinion refer to UI please put in the head of your opinion UI:, if UX, the same to avoid confusion.
    When answer to some contributor please give the exactly reference that many here in the forum made.
    Now here are some ideas that I have in mind:

    2.-UI/UX Description& Suggestions
    The software need to be a bottom for many specialties so need to have a Design Bench for each one. The priorities are difficult to define but I am imagining that all important Design Bench has its basic add-on with good feedback.
    2.1.1.-Design Space:
    The basic platforms of the software are the WorkSpaces that I do like change the name as DesignSpace.
    The PartDesignSpace should be divided in PartSolidDesignSpace and PartShellDesignSpace. PartSolidDesignSpace should be for design Part as Casting and Mold for Engine, Pumps, manifolds, pipes, flanges valves, fasteners and woods components.
    The same for Electrics and Electronics components like Batteries & Alternators, Batteries Watch , Inverters, Switch Panels, wire and terminals like lamp, fans, heaters or safety sensors for one side and leads connected by wire to create an electronic circuits for particular functions like oscillators, radio receiver, amplifier for name some.
    Its features need to be improved like fillet and chamfer wit variable section at different distance and feature mirror that integrate all features applied. PartShellDesignSpace should be for Structural Design, Like Shop, House, Hull with its structural Panels and Blocks, Ducts for conditional air and metal shear. They need more features for reach to more developable shapes or not by dimple or roll.
    The big issue of AD now in this PartShellDesign is to be very specialised to ducts but doesn’t gives good features tolls for develop a complex surface like shell with its structural component for airspace, surface space or marine space industries so the 3D sketchDesignSpace need to have good surface develop. AssembleDesignSpace will integrate each DesignSpace for give an accurate final model and in the end good resource for obtain data essential for obey the final specification.
    All DesignSpace will have good physical properties that may be defined by the Design Explorer’s selection if needed. For this is excellent the help of the tool that is developing by Stefan with Aiayre tools Script. MaterialList will be connected to the material properties and items of the project so will facilitate the specification and its cost.
    The integrator will be the connection between all parts & assembler’s Equations editors that facilitate to modify of all component of the model. (I don’t like the name GP) DrawingDesignSpace will connect all Design Space for supply to an authority or shop a well defined plan with its specifications.
    So the users are good supported by the software for their specific task of Product Design.

    Well in the end the project will be integrated by many system. My be a main assemble will be called SystemDesign.

    2.1.2.-Base add-in: Design Analysis:

    Well is difficult to achieve the best for all speciality, only I think will need a good Solid and Plate FEA of the Stress but flow analysis is also important tool for the product optimization.
    Many have its own specialized software for its specific requirements like me as Naval Architect & Marine Engineer. ManufactureTools:
    Good CNC base add on for define the 2D & 3D Toolpaths for plate cut or 3D solid cut without belittling a good base software add on for made a plate develop & nesting to apply the 2D CNC as CAM basic add- on family.

    2.2.-Now UI:
    Well, many ideas I have in reference of the software presentation that now is for me non good for its expectation. The stile from the home and all its workspace needs improvement. Many opinion troughs the year I did in this area. The logo is good concept idea but bad designed because is so soft like a cartoon drawing. No, this software is no cartoon, is primary support for small business that likes ground and not disappears that at the same time are the support of many families. So the logo needs represent sobriety, seriousness, enthusiasm & fortress, in other words Parcus in the concept of Design, Principium & Primus based on the simplicity that is beauty and fulfills its mission without further adornment.
    The Software home:
    I don’t like the existing font logo letters. I don’t like the grey and light blue definition. These combination appears to be very foggy. I don’t like the existing design of the Part, Shell, Boom, GP(Variable) and Drawing WorkSpace (This are actual names) . It Needs to be brighter, more optimists. In general the home is so opaque. Need to be more futurists with colored crystal panels and simple. AD 11.2 was simple and gives all information that we needs. That is the base but better fonts like Ethnocentric RG combined with Century Gothic & Arial letter for example.
    The background may be a picture for selection by the user from many alternatives based from a default.
    All WorkSpace logo must float in transparency or solid from this background.
    All display General and Color Scheme are well conceived.

    That are my initial opinion that may elaborate more in the near future.
    please read the basic thread which contains many of my ideas that I wish to make real in ADP&E.
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  2. GIOV

    GIOV Alibre Super User

    UI:Example of Home combination Color that fill more professional:

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