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Modifying a feature or sketch

Discussion in 'Using Alibre Design' started by otrotabi, Sep 9, 2020.

  1. otrotabi

    otrotabi Member

    I would like to know if there is a quicker way to modify a feature or sketch that does not require that you advance the "blue bar" manually until the end of the last feature after modifying it. This is not only time consuming but also error prone, particularly when modifying a part from within an assembly. In case you miss to advance the blue bar and reconstruct the part, all constraints are gone.

    As a side question, some features like "Extrusions" do allow you to modify them by simply right clicking on the feature, while others (maybe only sheet metal bends, I am not sure) require that you edit the automatically generated sketch instead. This also adds unnecessary - in terms of design - overhead time to the process.

    It is possible I may have been wasted lots of unnecesary hours so maybe you can tell me how you do it :). Please check the following video for the same feature modification in SW and in Alibre.

    The only shortcut I am aware of, is by modifying the part with the equation editor. But of course you must know beforehand which parameter you need to change. My point is, since this is possible, moving the "blue bar" all the way to the bottom should not be a must.

  2. DavidJ

    DavidJ Alibre Super User Staff Member

    You can click 'Generate to Last Feature' after your edit, or press F5 to run the design through to the final feature.
  3. otrotabi

    otrotabi Member

    Thank you. I should have asked this question long time ago. Regards.
  4. HaroldL

    HaroldL Alibre Super User

    If you name the dimensions as you create them then they are easier to find in the Equation Editor. For example changing a D1 to Thickness and D2 to Width and D3 to Length, then opening the EE at any time to change those values will update the model without having to move the Blue Bar.

    AND, although AD is similar to SW it is NOT SW, just sayin'.
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  5. Lew_Merrick

    Lew_Merrick Alibre Super User

    Hi Harold -- And renaming Features and Constraints makes life a whole lot eassier. -- Lew
  6. otrotabi

    otrotabi Member

    Yes. It´s an old part actually and did not use that at that time, but I do name most Features and some Constraints, but Dimensions do require extra work because you need to open EE to rename them, right ?

    I am aware SW and Alibre are not quite direct competitors in terms of pricing at least, but since I grew up - in 3D -with Alibre I still use it a lot, and we have not rebuilt all our models to SW and probably never will. Also though I have not been using it much Alibre scripting in Python got me hooked back.

    Thanks for your comments.

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