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make it flexible

Discussion in 'Using Alibre Design' started by ASP, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. ASP

    ASP Senior Member

    because of some confusion on the forum and the not so precise manual about how "make flexible" works and what can be done with it
    I want to show some examples so you can get an idea:

    1) I've started with a downloaded model of a hinge, which is made of 3 parts.

    2) set up the assembly of that Hinge with some constraints that holds the things together
    but the shanks are moveable around the shaft.

    3) in a new assembly insert this as a sub-assembly twice and set them to be flexible by right clicking on it in the design explorer

    I've added some constraints which hold the 2 hinges together
    All shanks are flexible now and can be move with the mouse but the constraints within the Hinges holds the hinges themself together.

    4) at least - just for fun ;) - I've put tow of these flexible sub-assembly into an assembly, constrained them together
    and set them to be flexible to create a nice fully flexible hinge-snake :mrgreen:

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  2. ASP

    ASP Senior Member

    flexible handling

    a more practicable example is shown here:

    pneumatic elements has one fixed part(blue) and one moving part(yellow)
    so in each element these two parts are constraint together - but have 1 degree of freedom along the slide
    The complete Handling is made of 3 different pneumatic-elements constrained and set to be flexible
    The main-assembly contains 2 of this handlings - also made flexible.
    It is possible to move the elements in each handling-sub-assembly independent to the position you want.

    a special thing is also shown here: anchored flexible sub-assemblies

    As you can see the blue part of LEP25-250 is anchored within the LEP25-250 assembly
    and the handling-assembly itself is also anchored in the main-assembly.
    What happens is, that only the blue part, which is anchored withn LEP25-250, is anchored in the main-assembly, but all other parts can be moved

    So it is possible to constrain the strokes with in the main-assembly and control it with the equation-editor or drive them by configurations of the main-assembly.

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  3. ASP

    ASP Senior Member

    group things together - but use them separatley

    I often use flexible sub-assemblies to group things together - but use them separately

    i.e. for fasteners
    1) put all the needed fasteners as screw, washers, nuts, etc into an assembly - possibly you could setup a complete sets (screw+washers+nut)
    2) insert this into the main- or another sub-assembly
    3) set the fastener assembly to be flexible
    4) use each of those where and how you want.

    this keeps the structure especially of big assemblies a bit more clearer
    and it is easy to hide or suppress a group of parts

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  4. ASP

    ASP Senior Member

    fly in the ointment

    unfortunately assemblies with flexible assemblies could not be exported as STEP-file correctly - the flexible positions are lost
    all parts from flexible sub-assemblies will export in their origin positions.

    With ACIS/SAT it seems to work - but then the individual parts are lost (it came as one solid - at least in Alibre)

    3D-PDF also works (i.e. for use in SimLab Composer)
  5. rollin45

    rollin45 Senior Member

    Thanks for your time and efforts!


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