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Keyshot Licensing

Discussion in 'KeyShot for rendering' started by bigseb, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    On the downside I see they have changed the interface. Again. Seems like a bit of ADHD going on in the Luxion programming office...
  2. DCoff

    DCoff New Member

    I just updated from Geomagic to the current Alibre by downloading it today. Did the update for maintenance so I got a new license key for Alibre.

    I downloaded the current Keyshot and made sure Alibre Expert was licensed and alive. I removed Keyshot 7, installed it with Alibre open and active. No joy - unable to license Keyshot. I wrote a note to the sales department and did a support ticket. Since I do not have the license key.

    It seems a bit confusing. I am running a Lenovo Window 10, Core I7 64 bit system. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  3. simonb65

    simonb65 Senior Member

    Did you download "Keyshot for Alibre Design" from the Alibre downloads page?
  4. JST

    JST Alibre Super User

    Not sure about the uninstall deal. I had Keyshot 5 and 6 on the machine for a while when I made the transition, and neither bothered the other.
  5. cybertrot

    cybertrot Member

    Hi everyone, unfortunately I have a problem as well that I can't run Keyshot 7.1.36, even after I'd installed 7.1.40 on my new computer. Already tried uninstalling and installing twice, restarting in between. Any ideas on what these error messages mean and what I can do to get it running?

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  6. DavidJ

    DavidJ Alibre Super User

    Like the message says OpenGL update required.

    Try updating your graphics driver. Typically the default drivers that Windows installs have lost of stuff missing - you have to update with drivers from the graphics chip makers (for most computers - for some laptops you have to get drivers from the computer maker).
  7. cybertrot

    cybertrot Member

    Thanks. Will have a closer look at all the graphics drivers.
  8. cybertrot

    cybertrot Member

    Till anything else on drivers I found a quick fix on youtube that looked legitimate and worked for me: . Glad the Keyshot 7 works now.

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