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IDF Modeler for Alibre 2017

Discussion in '3rd Party Add-ons' started by listastudio, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. listastudio

    listastudio Member

    This product is the latest version 3.1.0 for Alibre 2017 of the EDA's IDF translator.
    15 days trial available and product download at http://www.lista.it/alibre/alibre_idfEN.html
    It enables collaboration between your electronics and mechanical designers.

    Please contact Lista Studio in Italy, info@lista.it ,authorized distributor for IDF Modeler for Geomagic for Europe.
  2. listastudio

    listastudio Member

  3. Plista

    Plista Member

    New version 3.1.8 of IDF Modeler available in http://www.lista.it/alibre/alibre_idfEN.html
    The Help button now invokes Help.
    Desktop EDA has also added the Getting Started Guide as the first topic in the Help.
    The Getting Started topic references some examples - these are installed into the Documents\AlibreIdf folder
  4. Plista

    Plista Member

  5. Plista

    Plista Member

  6. weppler

    weppler Member

    V 3.2.1 For Alibre 2019 doesn't work with build 20055 and especially not with high DPI displays.
  7. Plista

    Plista Member

    I gave it a quick test - seems to be working correctly. What problem are You having? Could You please provide Your test file and instructions to replicate Your issues?


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