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How to report performance issues

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Max, Oct 18, 2019.

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  1. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    Disclaimer: this seems like a wall of text but takes about 2 minutes to read, and it will be a valuable 2 minutes for you and us.

    Hi everyone, I've seen a few comments here and there on the lines of "AD feels sluggish". I want to let you know what we need to know in order to actually address what you're seeing, assuming it isn't just hardware related. Performance is not a hit it with a hammer thing from a development perspective. That is to say generalizations are not helpful (to us) and specifics are vastly more useful. Further, I think we have a vast difference of hardware among our customers, some who are hobbyists and some who are professionals, and all who have a very wide variety of hardware.

    First: make sure it isn't hardware related
    1. Make sure your drivers and software are updated - all of them. Video card drivers, Windows updates, etc.
    2. Do you meet the system requirements? If you make very complex models, do you exceed them? If you make very large models, have 16GB of RAM. If you make 9500 part models, have 32GB.
    3. Think through what is actually slow and how it might compare to your hardware. E.g. if the only slow thing is "opening large files" and you are using a spinning disk drive or running over a network, it's probably that. Ask us and we'll help you.

    OK, you checked the list above and we're moving on.

    Here is an inactionable performance comment to us:
    • "2019.0 feels sluggish". While valid - this gives us nothing to go on.
    • If "everything" really does feel sluggish, which is actually rare, this is likely due to shifting system requirements based on what models you make and new tech we're using. You might need an upgrade hardware wise. This is probably unlikely, with the exception of a new graphics card perhaps.
    Here is a much better performance comment to us:
    • When entering edit mode on the context of an assembly on a part, I notice that parts that contain booleans take about 2x longer than they seemed to take earlier before the full toolbar is available.
    • I use a lot of global parameters and I feel like assemblies that heavily utilize these take longer to evaluate when I regenerate the assembly than it used to.
    • When in sketch mode in <version> I feel like a typical 100x100 sketch pattern for me takes a lot longer than it used to.
    • I open my models which are about 100 parts and I notice the screen seems to lag a lot when I Pan/Zoom/Rotate. My video card is XXX.

    You'll notice some common themes:
    • Good descriptions talk very specifically about what is happening and where you are in the product during the perceived slowdown.
    If you can give us as much information as possible, and really pay attention to what you feel is actually slow (entering sketch mode / editing a boolean / rotating a model / creating a package file / making a feature pattern...) it will go a very long way to helping us diagnose and address the issue.

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