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How to assemble with gaps?

Discussion in 'Using Alibre Design' started by Eli.Krahulec, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Eli.Krahulec

    Eli.Krahulec Member

    I'm trying to assemble multiple parts but need them to have a 0.250" gap. How do I create this? I'm a very ameteur at drafting, and will need a simplified explanation.

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  2. Eli.Krahulec

    Eli.Krahulec Member

    Never mind, I figured out what I was doing wrong....
  3. Wade Waterman

    Wade Waterman Member

    If you have all your pieces as individual parts you can position them with constraints. You can offset them by the amount that you want. In the new assembly screen you would add all the parts and then position them. You use constraints and that lets you orient them to planes or to each other. You will open the constraint tool and it will ask you to select 2 surfaces or edges. If you just pick say a side from each of your flat parts and then click on the green check mark, the edges will come together. There is a dialogue box in that window where you can put in an offset or set angles. You would enter your .25" as your offset and the surfaces will stay apart that amount. The only thing is that sometimes the offset will be the wrong way so before you accept the constraint you can click on the reverse arrow by where you put in the offset amount and see the offset go one way or the other. But there will be all 3 planes that you will need to orient your parts to so that you have a flat view of them that you can use in a drawing. Maybe first set the front faces to be aligned with the x-y plane and then start positioning the parts. You can also open up the positioning tool and that will give you 3 circles for the 3 axis's that allow you to move each part around to get them close before you start applying the constraints. If you have the parts constrained too much though you won't be able to move them because the constraint will hold them back. The design tree on the left hand side of the screen will show the constraints as you define them and also each part will have a drop down where you can see the constraints for that individual part. You can right click on them and edit them if you need. I'm sorry it takes lots of words to explain. You might find it easier to go thru the tutorials or look up constraints in the help. It will explain how they work there too! Good Luck.
  4. Wade Waterman

    Wade Waterman Member

    Good to hear that you figured it out. Sorry I was busy typing so didn't see your reply!!

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