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Help/How to... View extends off page

Discussion in 'Using Alibre Design' started by jfleming, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. jfleming

    jfleming Senior Member

    Hello, I am attaching an example of an issue i'm currently dealing with.

    I need to detail the end of a cylindrical part. I don't need to show the entire end, just the details for our guy in the shop to turn it up on the lathe. In order to dimension some of the items, I want to use foreshortened dimensions for several diameters.

    Two things...

    In order to first create the foreshortened dimension shown, I had to make the detail view large enough to select both points for the diameter dimension. Then, I went in and shrunk the detail view circle size back down to the approprate size. This then let me change the .554 to a foreshortened dimension.

    Ok thats an ok work around for me. Is there something I am missing though that would allow me to select both points to get the dimension I originally needed, without the work-around?

    As seen on my screen grab, because of all this jockeying around, the "viewport" of the view now extends "off" of the drawing template (shown in red). Even though there are no visible portions of the view extending off the page, it will still print funny when I go to print it. What can I do?? This is true for the view at top of page as well (shown in blue). This is a very frustrating thing, especially when trying to fit a lot of stuff onto one sheet. This issue can sometimes make or break ya on whether you have to create another sheet or not.

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  2. simonb65

    simonb65 Alibre Super User

    I've had this before and ended up putting it on a larger drawing sheet! As you say, print sizing takes the bounding box extents as the print extents, not the drawing items.

    It is odd that the bounding box is not dynamic, i.e. it should resize to the max extent of the drawing objects + a fixed margin when you move items around within it ... but it doesn't. One to log with Alibre as a bug (enhancement?) me thinks!

    Edit: Have you tried closing the drawing and reopening it, does it then resize the bounding box? Would try myself, but I'm not at my PC right now. Just a thought.
  3. wazzu83

    wazzu83 Member

    I have encountered this before with very large radii ... I have found that if I move the dimension value to the "outside" side of the arc the viewport will shrink. It appears as if the unseen center point acts as an anchor making the viewport artificially large.

    Another alternative is to re-arrange your views. Looks like it would fit as-is in the area where your isometric view is located. Essentially, swap positions of those two views. Then drag the main part views down slightly.
  4. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    This. And that will stuff up the printed drawing.

    But when the viewport is outside the drawing boundary only because the view is so close to the drawing boundary then it seems to print fine.

    All this is based on pre-V21 versions. Haven't made any drawings in long time.

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