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Has anyone used the HP Z Camera?

Discussion in '3D Printing' started by aptivaboy, May 6, 2018.

  1. aptivaboy

    aptivaboy Senior Member


    This looks like a great, relatively inexpensive way to image objects, port them to a CAD program, and then edit and model from them with an ultimate eye towards printing. I mainly model small fine scale models and detail parts and it would be a godsend to be able to image the donor/base model into a CAD program and then be able to CAD right onto the actual model, so to speak. Fit issues and scaling would be greatly reduced, one would think. The documentation says that it does save to an OBJ format, which I don't believe Alibre can open just now. At any rate, while its listed as a supported mesh format Alibre seems to have serious issues converting and opening it such files, in my experience. Does anyone have any experience with this camera, and issues, etc., and can the OBJ conversion issues be overcome?

    Many thanks,

  2. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    It does look very cool. And seems better than some of the other low cost options available at first glance. However there are issues...

    1)... requires a PC with Windows 10, 4th gen Intel® Core™ i7-4790S or higher, 1xUSB-3.0 Type A, 1xUSB-2.0 Type A, minimum 16GB RAM and 1.8GB available storage, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M or better NVIDIA graphics card required for 3D capture... This means an entirely new PC and OS for me.
    2) The scan resolution appears to be even less than the Sense (Sense was 1mm, the HP Z is 2-5mm)
    3) AD will be ending mesh imports so...

    Still, its a great idea. Hope to see it developed some more...
  3. aptivaboy

    aptivaboy Senior Member

    Sorry to dredge up an old thread. Its on deep discount at Amazon now for under $120 if anyone is interested. For that price, I might take the plunge. HP doesn't seem to have updated the base model in a year and a half, so I'm hoping that they aren't abandoning the idea. I was able to buy a Ryzen 2700X machine a year ago with 64 GB of RAM and a 1080, so the system requirements are totally do-able for me.

    Happy New Year, everyone!
  4. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    Just searched it here in the UK. Doesn't show up at all so...

    Banging machine. I have the same but with a RTX 2070.
  5. aptivaboy

    aptivaboy Senior Member


    That's in the USA. It was $114 last week when I ordered mine so the price seems to be fluctuating. Maybe watch that space? HP seems to sell for less on Amazon USA than from their own direct website, at times. Mine arrived two days ago. I'll be setting it up this weekend.

    Oh, I said 1080. Its actually a Zotac 2080. My students like to claim that they have the best gaming rigs out there. Then I tell them about mine!

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