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Email message about legacy product?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JST, Jan 10, 2018.

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  1. JST

    JST Alibre Super User

    I received an email suggesting that I am using a legacy version of Alibre, and warning about upcoming problems.

    As it happens I am not, I am using the latest version that I know about.

    However, the email suggested that the Alibre records have me using some old version. As I understand it, I have two available seats of current "Expert" version, based on emails at the last time I re-upped maintenance. The old version was decommissioned at that time, as far as I know.

    So I am "mildly confused" as to why the records would be showing something else.

    Perhaps it is a "generic" email to make sure everyone knows what is going on?
  2. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    Email from whom? Phishing?
  3. DavidJ

    DavidJ Alibre Super User

    Your details will probably still be in one of the old systems (there are currently 3 licensing systems) - so rather than assume anything Alibre are sending mail to all who had licences in either of the legacy systems. I believe that the mails may be staggered geographically (North America went out today).

    Note the 'potentially' and also 'please disregard' in the text.

    You are receiving this email because our records indicate you are potentially using a legacy Alibre Design or Geomagic Design product that will be affected by upcoming changes. If you are no longer actively using these versions, please disregard this message.
  4. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    I could not have said it more exactly myself.

    As you can imagine transferring Alibre's original CRM to 3DS and then back to Alibre across multiple systems poses some challenges. All customers who used Alibre Design prior to 3DS' acquisition still show as customers in the legacy Alibre CRM, yet they are also now represented in new CRMs. Most of those are duplicates, some are not. So we just want to be positive everyone who might need to see this does.
  5. keyepitts

    keyepitts Senior Member

    Yes, I got an email also, seems they are discontinuing the old licensing systems.

    I moved to solid edge when the old Alibre was acquired by 3D systems, but I still have a lot of native Alibre data and use my old Alibre program to access that. Appears that for me, I will still be able to use the old install of the program, but will be unable to get the program re-installed/licensed on a new computer and/or after a major hardware change/failure. Hmm, gonna have to think about how to handle this.
  6. Mark M.

    Mark M. New Member

    I am disturbed by the email discontinuing legacy products. First, it seems to continue the rather user-unfriendly attitude that 3d Systems had. Second, I have at least one project I've worked on in spare time over several years and have not completed. If I change computers in the future, completion of that project and access to my old files are at risk. I feel held hostage if I suddenly am required to pay annual fees to access my own work when I bought a product that was advertised as having a "perpetual" license. Imagine if Microsoft suddenly told me I would have to pay a fee to modify or read all my old .doc files with Word. Wow!

    I understand the cost of managing the legacy servers and would respond positively to an appeal to pay a small one-time fee to continue that service. Better, I would be willing to pay a reasonable fee to have my software patched to disconnect it from the server or to provide a one-time dongle to protect Alibre's rights. I am retired and have no need or means to pay for additional software features or "maintenance." I bought into Alibre because it offered to free its user base from the high costs of its competitors. This latest action is not in keeping with Alibre's original spirit. I completely understand the need to monitize a software product. I have helped in that regard by recommending Alibre to numerous users over the years and I know that my recommendations have resulted in several purchases. Alienating users like myself does not seem smart to me.

    - Mark M.
  7. JST

    JST Alibre Super User

    That part is not an issue, since 3DSYS is dropping the system that is hard-coded into the 3Dsys version. Not something that Alibre has control over, and only affects folks who are off maintenance and have been off for some time.

    The old Alibre sold out to 3Dsys, so that is all history now.

    I'll have to see what it means for the ancient Alibre 12 version I have install disk and codes for..... Just thought of that.
  8. Mark M.

    Mark M. New Member

    I'm on Geomagic 2014 and I believe that once the server is dropped, I will not be able to reinstall it on a new computer.
  9. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    Imagine? Its not far off. Won't be long til all MS services will be OS dependent and subscription based. When, oh, when will the world heed my call to Linux?

    But you're right... perpetual should still be perpetual.
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  10. swertel

    swertel Alibre Super User

    It's called Office 365. And let's not forget that MS already changed the file format (.doc to .docx; .xlt to .xltx, etc.). Compatibility is a "mode" you need to enable. Even today, certain versions of Word docs may open in the current version, but the styles and formatting are all wrong. You essentially have to recreate the document. It would be just like the old versions of Alibre files being opened into the new version, but you have to pay for it.
  11. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Mark, you were on maintenance until 11/19/2016. This means that you had access to the latest version of Geomagic Design, 2015.1.1, though it looks like you didn't install it. We have given all users with access to Geomagic Design 2015.1.1 free access to Alibre Design 2017. So, this doesn't affect you.

    If you have a license key from 3D Systems, the same key will work for Alibre Design 2017.0. Please download it from the website. If you don't, shoot us an email at sales@alibre.com and they will send it to you.

    Let us know if you have any questions.
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  12. Mark M.

    Mark M. New Member


    Thank you and I owe you an apology. Looks like Alibre has the situation under control!
  13. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    No apology necessary. Have a great day! :)
  14. ToasterTan

    ToasterTan Member

    Max -
    I just joined the forum a couple days ago and started a thread to point me towards resources to train on Alibre 2012. The reasons why I'm so late to train on 6 year old software is in my first post. Reading the forum posts of the last few days has been enlightening at best - and downright depressing at worst. I'm hopping truth is somewhere between, but not encouraged by the above dialog.

    It appears I have thrown away $1,000, so a little apprehensive about tossing more money after it for an upgrade or maintenance license. From what I understand, this software is going to be obsolete shortly and only run with patches and compatibility mode. I'm not keen on creating a bunch of files - like JST posted above - that are DOA to any new software. On top of that - this company has changed hands three times in 6 years and there's no assurance it will even exist next year.

    I've done a bit of research, talked to design geeks and guru's, rolled the bones, chanted and danced nekid around a fire. There are quite a few design software options ranging from free to a stoopid amount of coin. Opinions run full gamut, but I chose Alibre because it had everything I was looking for to advance my little business. My choice of design software is even MORE important now that I was retired by default and my future lifestyle is more dependent on it's success. I need to get some new designs on a CNC and into the market within the next few months. I have to be able to design my own parts, 3-D print for fit-check and get a file to the machinist for G-code. Even bought a Creality3D CR-10S in anticipation.

    I've been making custom Airhead parts as a hobby for 20 years and literally ship all over the world. ToasterTan has brand recognition and well known in the BMW Airhead community. In 2011 my early retirement became obvious so I ramped up to more of a business and bought Alibre, but it's still a small, niche market. I have promised newly designed parts to customers that were due last August and have 5 more new parts which need design and fit-check. I need to get this thing moving.

    Max -
    What do suggest as a solution for my circumstances?
    What can you provide for reassurance Alibre is still the right choice going into the future?

    If you want to take this off-line for a private discussion: bigkarma@gorvw.net

    I appreciate any advice offered.
  15. GIOV

    GIOV Senior Member

    Hi Max,
    I have the newest version in to my 64 bits Laptop, but I have only the V12 and some time I jumped to the best on quality solid model V11.13 (PRODUCTVERSION 13,0,0,13062) on my old 32 Bits one. Is it feasible to have the latest 32 bit were includes the Global Parametric function? May be no because these release was part of 3DS.
    Thanks in advance,
  16. JST

    JST Alibre Super User

    I am actually using the latest version. The bit about 2012 is just because I have 2 install available, and could use that old software on an older machine that is more portable than the main machine.

    Apparently you totally missed out on the entire upgrade deal that went through. I started that process with Alibre PE, and through the 3DS purchase and resale etc deals ended up now with Alibre Expert.

    I have to say that the current version is way different and better than the 2012. You can work better and faster with it, and I think you would like it.

    See what Max and co can do for you.

    Giov: The new software is, I think, ONLY in 64 bit.... I had to install Win7 64 bit to run it.
  17. ToasterTan

    ToasterTan Member

    Thanks for the note JST. It appears I missed out on all the deals which could have made my software viable for the future. I suspect it's because I bought it and never signed up for the maintenance programs. It just sat on my pooter taking up space. The version is

    Whatever I do, need to do it soon or pay someone to design these parts so they can get to the machinist. That will at least buy me time to decide where I'm going from here.

    Very disappointing.
  18. GIOV

    GIOV Senior Member

    I think this your comments it's a fairly subjective . Please take a look of an image from the same model created in Alibre Design Expert V11.13 and re-open in the Alibre Design 2017.1.2. The process of the model accuracy was the following:

    1.-ADV11.13: Curve Smoothness:

    1.1.- File>Properties>Display>Minimal Circular Facets=24-> Goto Part>Feature > Regenerate all ,

    1.2.-GOTO again to File>Properties>Display>Minimal Circular Facets=274-> Goto Part>Feature > regenerate all: See the screenshot. It’s perfect!

    Alibre V11.13.JPG

    2.-The same procedure but in the newest version, instead of a circular facets by number of accuracy, it's in a bar to arrive to Fine.

    See the screenshot:
    Alibre V11.13-V17.1.2.JPG

    In conclusion by my experience: ADV11.13 is better in accuracy that AD17.1.2. I think Alibre Design team must concentrate in this Issue as soon as feasible. Every participants on this forum like AD improve its excellence.
    So, I am not access to GP tools in 32 Bits version.

    Anyway, thank JST for you reply.
  19. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    "Accuracy" is a bit misleading here. The parts are defined mathematically. Their accuracy is very, very high. What you are discussing is the visual representation of parts. There was a change to the visual representation of parts along the way that utilizes ACIS' faceting engine, which was done for performance reasons. If you export a STEP of a part faceted at low and at high, the result is the same part. In any case, we are reviewing different options for visual representation for this year, and have some nice goals there. But don't worry that your models aren't "accurate".

    All versions of Alibre Design are backwards compatible, so you don't need to worry about opening your files in newer versions. Regarding the change of ownership, all I can say is that no one who contributed to the original sale of Alibre is at Alibre today. However the company has changed hands twice, not three times, and one of those times is back to the original team. We all quit our jobs and came back together for a reason - we believe in Alibre Design, the market, and our customers. We're regular folks just like you - and if we weren't confident our company would be viable we wouldn't have taken those drastic steps ourselves.

    My suggestion is to reup your maintenance. You're not required to stay on maintenance after, but maintenance will allow you to move from a version we released 6 years ago to the most up to date version. Payment plans are available as well, so a few hundred dollars spread over a few months should make it easier. Regarding assurances, no company can provide you a guarantee of their existence. All I can tell you is what I know, which is that the company is doing very well, our customers are energized, our channel is energized, and we have big plans moving forward.
  20. HaroldL

    HaroldL Alibre Super User

    The faceting issue is of great importance when sending the model to Keyshot. It is interesting to note that SolidWorks suffers from the same faceting issue in that you can work at a lower resolution but must remember set the display to a higher setting before sending it over to Keyshot in order to render out an image without the faceting showing up. Of course, in Keyshot Pro (from Luxion) you now have the ability to refacet the model and improve the rendered image appearance. Maybe the Alibre version of Keyshot has the same capability.
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