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Custom drawing templates

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NelsonEdgar, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. NelsonEdgar

    NelsonEdgar Member

    I am using Alibre Atom3D. Is there a way to customize drawing templates and also a script to insert standard data ?
  2. DavidJ

    DavidJ Alibre Super User

  3. NelsonEdgar

    NelsonEdgar Member

    Thanks for responding DavidJ. However the information you sent me all relates to Alibre Design - I made a point of noting in my post that I am using Alibre Atom3D and the many of the features described in creating custom 2D drawing templates do not appear to be available.
  4. NateLiqGrav

    NateLiqGrav Alibre Super User

    It should be able to make custom templates but it seems Atom3D does not have the ability to automatically populate fields.

    I don't have Atom3D so this is based on the comparison page:

    Atom3D is aimed at the 3D print and hobby maker space and therefore doesn't include many of the features of Alibre Design.
  5. DavidJ

    DavidJ Alibre Super User

    Sorry about that - I didn't flip into Atom Mode to check. Do the provided templates work OK for you? If so, an option might be to persuade an Alibre Design users to modify a template to suit.

    Scripting isn't currently available in Atom either.
  6. H-L-Smith

    H-L-Smith Senior Member

    Isn't the help system online now?

    I just ran my help and it specifically says, "Help for Alibre Design and Alibre Atom3D." I'd suggest doing a help search on "Creating a Custom Template" and see what turns up. If you see a result (there is one for Expert) then just try it out and see what happens. It may work.

  7. NelsonEdgar

    NelsonEdgar Member

    Thanks for the suggestions. None of them work in Atom3D. I 'solved' the problem by starting with a blank drawing and sketching the format I wanted. I also entered generic text (x's and y's) in the fields I wanted to populate. I then saved the drawing with a generic name. To make a drawing of a particular model, I open the the generic drawing and insert the views, dimensions etc. that I want. I also edit the generic text in the populated fields to suit the model. When I do a 'save as' Atom3D warns me whether I want to overwrite the generic drawing. At that point I rename the generic drawing to suit the model that was inserted. Sounds complicated but it works quite well. It is a good idea to put a copy of the generic drawing in another directory, in case you forget and overwrite it.
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