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Can't Edit Sketch Text Figures ... BUG??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by simonb65, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. simonb65

    simonb65 Alibre Super User

    Can someone confirm that editing a sketch figure in 2018.1.1 is always greyed out! If you look at the help, it says ...


    However, If I add text to a sketch ...


    The upper one is normal added text, the lower is exploded text, yet Edit in the right click menu is greyed out for both figures and not just the exploded text as shown in the help ! BUG ???

    At no point can I get the Text Figure dialog unless I add new text!

    Can someone else please confirm this behaviour before I go and raise a ticket.
  2. Ralf

    Ralf Alibre Super User

    You can edit the the "Text Figure" Sketch with a double click (LMB)

    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
  3. lamar

    lamar Senior Member

    I have noticed that if you reverse the text you can now longer double click (LMB) to edit or change the text. All other confirmations you can edit the text but if you reverse the text and hit OK you can no longer edit the text. I believe that this must be a bug or am I not doing something right?
  4. simonb65

    simonb65 Alibre Super User

    Thanks for the replies, I can get in to Edit only if I click on certain parts of the existing text! I've not figured out what the key to doing it every time is, but I can do it if I click around the text long enough. I think there is a bug in there somewhere, as it should be more predictable that it currently is for me!
  5. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    Off topic but how did you get the exploded text?
  6. Paul W

    Paul W Member


    According to help:
    "Explode: The explode button will separate text into individual line and arc segments. Coincident constraints will be placed between the end points of adjacent figures."
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  7. Paul W

    Paul W Member

    In my version, Alibre is very responsive. As soon as the cursor touches the text, it highlights and you can edit via the RMB. Cursor has to be touching the text to edit.
  8. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    Has that always been there? Never noticed it before.
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  9. Paul W

    Paul W Member

    I don't use text a lot. Not really sure why explode is there. It would be a 'bear' to have a fully constrained sketch with all those segments.
    While the un-exploded text can be locked down with two dimensions:
    lock down text.jpg
  10. DavidJ

    DavidJ Alibre Super User

    Explode is (I believe) there because not all fonts are 'well formed' and some letters will fail to extrude - in such cases you can explode the text and analyse and/or manually tidy up the sketch figures of problem letters to get around the problem.
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  11. batejosh

    batejosh Member

    Explode has been necessary for me when the text bugs out and fails to remain constrained regardless of how many ways and times I try. The only option for me was to manually constain.
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