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Cannot select circular edge in sketching when square to plane

Discussion in 'Using Alibre Design' started by albie0803, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. albie0803

    albie0803 Alibre Super User

    I have noticed this in several versions. Circular edges cannot be selected when the plane is square to the view. You have to swing the model off square before the edges become selectable.

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  2. HaroldL

    HaroldL Alibre Super User

    Try turning Ambient Occlusion OFF and see if that helps.
  3. simonb65

    simonb65 Alibre Super User

    I've seen this too (which at the time prompted the question why the navigation cube isn't shown in sketch edit as I needed to rotate the sketch as you did!). There are similar circular edges you cant select when dimensioning in 2D drawings too, possibly related??
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  4. albie0803

    albie0803 Alibre Super User

    Ambient Occlusion makes no difference. This is not a recent issue.
    Left/Right mouse button rotate works fine to move the item but having to do so is annoying.
  5. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    You can 'project to sketch' the edges in question. I know its not the solution you're looking for maybe it helps.
  6. DavidJ

    DavidJ Alibre Super User Staff Member

    Or, you can often click 'at one end' of the edge, and it will then select (without needing to project to sketch).
  7. Nick952

    Nick952 Senior Member

    I've also been having this problem occasionally and quite often (but not every time) just changing the Zoom level would resolve the issue.
  8. idslk

    idslk Alibre Super User

    Can you select the edges without trying to put a dimension to them eg. right click advanced selector? is it only in sketch mode?
    The only thing i have experienced here is: the more lines the slower it gets with h oops...

  9. simonb65

    simonb65 Alibre Super User

    In sketch mode, you can hover over and some edges become highlighted, some you can't, they only select the adjacent face. The edge does appear in the Advance selector though. I would expect the edge to only need the advance selector if it was layered beneath nearer geometry, but in this case it is not ...

    An edge that is selectable by hovering ...


    The advance select tool when hovering over this edge ...


    But this edge isn't ...


    ... and how it appears in the advanced selector ...


    I would logically deduce that the item that gets selected in the hover is the first item that is shown in the advance selector (by whatever mechanism determines that order from the underlying geometry) rather than the proximity of the cursor to those geometry items.

    Edit: Edge selection, in the part/assembly workspaces, doesn't appear to have the same nice proximity based selection that we benefit from in sketch editing.

    Edit: Maybe selection of close proximity entities should be given priority to items that are harder to detect, i.e. vertices then edges, then faces. This may already happen, so just an assumption on my part.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2021
  10. simonb65

    simonb65 Alibre Super User

    Example part for the above post ...


    I would post the model but it's a simple v23 beta generated model of extruded circles and not every user would be able to download, but very easy and quick to replicate!
  11. simonb65

    simonb65 Alibre Super User

    If you save the part and reload it in, the edge is now selectable and coincidentally it now appears as the first item in the advanced selector ...


    So more likely that entity order maybe playing a part.

    Side note : Interestingly the face and edge names have now changed too!
  12. HaroldL

    HaroldL Alibre Super User

    That's an interesting observation. I just created a similar model and, while in sketch mode, passed the cursor over the edges to see what it would highlight. As you can see by the cursor icon it may depend on which side of 0,0 in the sketch plane you are on.

    Notice how the cursor changes from Edge to Face when the cursor is above or below 0,0 and just touching the model. Maybe that is a clue. :confused::confused:
    Note: this is a v23 beta model.

    Edge-Face Selection.gif

    BTW, I just entered this in the Beta bug reporting system for review.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2021
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  13. simonb65

    simonb65 Alibre Super User

    Just as a side @HaroldL, what app/tool do you use for your screen video captures?
  14. bigseb

    bigseb Alibre Super User

    Well spotted!

    If that's intended behaviour then I'd love to hear the reason for it...
  15. HaroldL

    HaroldL Alibre Super User

    @simonb65 I am using Snagit by TechSmith. I used to run Camtasia but with Snagit I can create and mark up screen captures, and record gif anims. I just can't mark up a gif anim like I could with Camtasia.
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