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Bill Of Materials - Final assembly detail list of basic parts?

Discussion in 'Using Alibre Design' started by danwilley, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. danwilley

    danwilley Member

    I have a final-assembly that contains sub-assemblies, which also contain sub-assemblies... ie: several levels of sub-assemblies. I have marked all of the sub-assemblies "Treat as part in BOM when used as sub-assembly." Is there an (easy) way to leave all of the sub-assemblies flagged this way, but to get a detailed list of all basic parts (no sub-assemblies) at the highest final-assembly level?

    For example, I have the same fasteners and other basic parts used on different sub-assemblies (and at different levels) and want to easily determine how many of a type of fastener and basic part are used to make the final-assembly.

    I know I can go through and temporarily un-mark the "Treat as part in BOM" flag in all sub-assemblies, but I was hoping for some simple and temporary way. And I do want the sub-assemblies to show up in the final assembly as "parts" but wanted this secondary (helper) view of the BOM to assist in final-assembly raw material planning.

  2. Ralf

    Ralf Alibre Super User

    Hi Dan,

    In your BOM please check: Summary Form
  3. Lew_Merrick

    Lew_Merrick Alibre Super User

    Hi Dan -- This is an inherent problem built into the Bill of Materials approach as it comes from the building construction side of the universe and not the manufacturing side. A Parts List that derives from the (WWII era) MIL-9858 process (that was cancelled as MIL-Q-9858 in 2006) provides a much better and more useful means of describing such things. I am working on creating such a tool for Alibre Design, but am nowhere near ready to display it outside of my own personal efforts. I would like to see Alibre getting on board here, but more than a decade of such attempts have failed. Hopefully a "vision" will lead me much closer. -- Lew
  4. danwilley

    danwilley Member

    Thank you Ralf!

    Good grief, how did I miss that?? If it were a snake, it would have bitten me!

    Lew, thanks for your comments. Maybe you will complete that tool one of these days!


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