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balloons turn red and unlink after bom updates

Discussion in 'Using Alibre Design' started by Machine Designz, Jan 14, 2021 at 8:40 AM.

  1. Hello

    Does anybody know how to relink the balloons to the bom

    after I did a bom update the balloons all went to a"?" and turned red

    THanks in advance for any help

    Steven G
  2. JST

    JST Alibre Super User

    You CANNOT re-link them.

    This is a bug in Alibre (although there are user issues that can cause that as well). It is well-known, has existed for a long time, and does not look like getting fixed any time soon. Alibre just "loses its mind" and marks those things red even though nothing has been changed.

    Your only option is to delete the red ones and place them again with the tool.

    There are user issues as well, deleted items, changed items, etc. I have no experience with the user issues that cause this, it may be that if you go back and correct the cause, that the thing will re-link. I usually just delete and re-do, so I have not recently tried just the fix.

    I doubt that it will work, since almost nothing in Alibre does that. Usually, "once an error, always an error" is the rule. A few things, such as not moving the "dogbone" to the bottom of a part will correct their errors.

    But the linkages in Alibre are to specific part and surface IDs, so even if a surface, for instance, is manually put back exactly as it was, it will have a different ID and will not be linked. You have no control over that.

    Only in those cases where you can "undo" a delete, or move the dogbone, will the ID remain the same and the linkages not be broken. And I am not sure that even an "undo" will fix every case.
  4. Hi JST

    Thanks for the information...:)

    I am currently testing and evaluating Alibre to see if it can do all my plant layouts and piping routing

    I am hoping to transition from SW and use Alibre once I understand how the software works.

    At this point I am nervous to start a project as I simply cant afford any more downtime than maybe
    one hour per day because even SW has it issues (and I am using SW2021)

    SW seems to be getting more fragile these days.

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