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Alibree 2011(OT)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nickyt, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. nickyt

    nickyt Member

    Hello fellow Alibre users!

    Don't know how this will go with the moderators, but my wife is pregnant 18 weeks now. We just found out that it's a girl, and it has always been my wish to do this...

    We will name her Alibree Annette Tan in honour of my favourite software :)

    She's due in 2011 too!
  2. AndrewTing

    AndrewTing Senior Member


    my surname is Ting... imagine i wanted to call mine (if i ever had one) Anne Ting, Avery Ting... now i'd have to name her Ali Bree Ting... she'll be too cool for her name.
  3. wathavy4

    wathavy4 Alibre Super User

    Well, congratulations!

    But ... anyway. We ought to pamper vulgar or commercial post, so this is sort of general (not discussion) post to me.

    Good to know.
    Take care.

    Best regards. :D

    I edited the subject name with (OT) so less people would get surprise at. :wink:
  4. swertel

    swertel Alibre Super User

    When my wife was pregnant with our daughter, she brought up the name Katia. Like CATIA, but spelled slightly differently so it is not a total reference to a CAD software. My wife just likes the way CATIA (Katia) sounds. But, since it would have been pronounced the same, there is no way I could ever show my face in any industry event if people knew my daughter's name.

    OH. And I think Max should give you free lifetime maintenance. Just show him the birth certificate.
  5. wathavy4

    wathavy4 Alibre Super User

    That's clever of you to say, as ever. :D
  6. AndrewTing

    AndrewTing Senior Member

    where's the [like] icon... :idea:
  7. JordanCClark

    JordanCClark Alibre Super User

    Hmm... I think I'm going to rename the dog Keyshot...
  8. wathavy4

    wathavy4 Alibre Super User


    But first you have to let him/her know how to operate your PC and work with internet and work with Alibre and all that, so he/she can work, Mate!


    Sorry, for poor qualification of these moderators.
  9. nickyt

    nickyt Member

    Alrighty, birth certificate will be in this post late march 2011. That's the release date :)
  10. wathavy4

    wathavy4 Alibre Super User


    No, plus or minus...?

  11. nickyt

    nickyt Member

    Update :)

    My dearest wife is nice and round now, we do expect a smooth delivery in March.

    Many people who've heard this name Alibree think it sounds nice, quite feminine too.

    Can't wait to see my daughter.
  12. DM8761

    DM8761 Senior Member

    hahahhahahaha "release date"
  13. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    :) Good luck! Let us know when she is born - I'll give her a seat of Alibre Design and we can make her the youngest person in history to have a seat of 3D CAD software :)

  14. nickyt

    nickyt Member

    Awww Max that's really nice of you. I'm sure she'll love to take up that offer.

    Won't be too long now!
  15. nickyt

    nickyt Member

    We have prepared her cot! The missus is 37 weeks now so she might pop any moment.

    I'm excited for this release - not too long now!

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  16. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    Weird, it looks like you misspelled it. I fixed it for you :lol: Much quicker than pesky repainting. Also just noticed you took it on 2/11 2011...nice.

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  17. nickyt

    nickyt Member

    The beta is coming to an END! We're now at Westmead Private Hospital in Sydney's west... just waiting for the offical release. Thank you all for your candid comments and well wishes!

    Nick and Yu-Lan (and Alibree 2011 Beta)
  18. indesign

    indesign Alibre Super User

    Gotta love geek talk....LOL
  19. NateLiqGrav

    NateLiqGrav Alibre Super User

    :lol: Don't forget to print out this topic and frame it!
  20. Hop

    Hop Senior Member

    We will also expect you to upload at least one candid photo of the final release, followed by photos of yearly upgrades. All of us here are on maintenance for this. :mrgreen:


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