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AlibreCAM... Adaptive Milling

Discussion in '3rd Party Add-ons' started by jfleming, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. jfleming

    jfleming Senior Member


    Does AlibreCAM offer Adaptive Milling?

    I have been tasked with finding our next CAM package, currently we use Bobcad, which was never right for the job here to begin with. We currently use Alibre for our 3D Cad. AlibreCAM seems like the obvious first choice but the Adaptive Milling would be ideal for us here.
  2. Ralf

    Ralf Alibre Super User

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  3. Bazzer

    Bazzer Member

    Many CAM packages use the same kernel, and adaptive milling might be available in Mechsoft AlibreCAM

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  4. NateLiqGrav

    NateLiqGrav Alibre Super User

    Using a kernel and having the feature for the user are two different things.
  5. Bazzer

    Bazzer Member


    When you look at the various CAM packages that use Moduleworks, you will see that they pretty well all offer the same machining strategies at the various unlock stages (standard, pro, expert kind of thing).

    I use Alibre Design but did not choose to go with Alibre CAM rather I went with BobCAD/CAM as I realised that I would like the fairly free manner that BobCAD can create bits of 3D geometry (surfaces and wireframes) to assist in toolpath creation.

    I am surprised how often I need to create a small patch surface or freaky bit of wireframe.

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  6. MecSoft Corporation

    MecSoft Corporation New Member

    Hello. We would like to clarify: AlibreCAM does not use the same kernel as BobCAD for 2-4 axis machining.
    We have a cut pattern called High-Speed Pocketing which does the same as Adaptive Roughing does for closed pockets.
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  7. Bazzer

    Bazzer Member


    I am very sorry for the misinformation, I think this stems from your company being listed as a partner of Moduleworks. I have corrected my original post, sorry for this.


    Maybe you could clarify the murky World of CAM kernels and how Moduleworks list you as a partner?

    Bobcad are reasonably open about what is licensed from Moduleworks and said that Moduleworks charge a high price for one of the license unlocks that I paid for. I then see that a lot of CAM packages offer pretty much the same machining strategies at various license levels.

    You could say that is a competitive market, your insight would be great to hear.


  8. MecSoft Corporation

    MecSoft Corporation New Member

    Hi Barrie,

    First of all, our company name is MecSoft and not Mechsoft as you have spelled it. Please do make note of it.
    Regarding Moduleworks, we are partners with them and provide their libraries only for continuous 5 axis milling. For all other machining methods, 2-1/2 thru 4-Axis, we use our own home grown kernel.

    That is one of the reasons we can make changes to it very quickly and support our customers rapidly as well as keeping the costs down.

    Hope this helps answer your questions.
    Thank you.
  9. Notermans

    Notermans Member

    Hello MecSoft Team

    Does AlibreCAM expert 2020 also work with Alibre V21 ?

    kind regards Jos
  10. MecSoft Corporation

    MecSoft Corporation New Member

    Hello Jos, Yes AlibreCAM 2020 works with Alibre 2021. Feel free to visit the website and try a demo copy on your PC: https://mecsoft.com/alibrecam-mill/

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