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Alibre Vault

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mika, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. Mika

    Mika Member

    Is that Alibre Vault still M-Files powered? Alibre design expert package includes that? I couldnt found any information about that in the www.alibre.com website.
  2. albie0803

    albie0803 Alibre Super User

    It certainly still supports M-File ( I use it all the time) but I don't get M-Files current licences with my yearly subscription so I would say you would have to buy it separately if you wanted it. You would have to get a copy of the Alibre vault, which I am pretty sure I can provide. I just had a look at mine and I can do a "copy structure to new vault" which should work. If you decide to get M-Files then I would make sure you have a copy of the vault before paying any money.
  3. Mika

    Mika Member

    This sounds really good to me. I have been doing my startup company prototype product design now in Fusion360 more than a year. That software is just not supporting my engineering needs. I just need those classic mechanical design tools what alibre have in a very reasonable price software.

    Also the M-Files is Finnish like me, and we have quite a good Finnish ERP software company named Visma. They have a contract with M-Files. So if Alibre supports M-Files and M-Files supports Visma, that combination should work quite a fine. I might can get a organizational level engineering system built to my office...in a quite a reasonable price.
  4. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    Alibre Design does not include M-files. However, the previous integration is still usable. The steps for maximal integration are:
    1) Buy yourself a license of M-Files
    2) Contact our Support, and they will send you a default M-Files Vault that you can restore - this Vault contains metadata descriptions for our parts, assemblies, etc.

    Please note that if you do this, you may be giving up some M-Files metadata structures since this default Vault was created several years ago. However, you can of course add them in as you need, if you need to.
  5. Mika

    Mika Member

    Ok...do you have some plans to make alibre vault completely different in a near future? Or is there some PDM software(plugin) available for alibre?
  6. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    We have no plans to make a 1st party vault competitor, nor are we currently searching for alternatives to the old Vault.
  7. rollin45

    rollin45 Senior Member

    I've run into a little problem concerning Alibre vault, ie. M files. I've transferred all the files I could salvage from what has been the default storage, and now I am thinking I will go another direction and not use M-files any more. If I simply delete the program, what will this do to the dialog when saving a file ? I used M-files for so long I can't remember how it was before the integration, and further... will Alibre recognize that it is gone and no longer the default?

    sounds stupid I know,, but there you have it.. :)


    thought I'd ask before I drive off the bridge for change
  8. DavidJ

    DavidJ Alibre Super User

    If M-Files isn't present, Alibre can't call it up. Even if M-Files is present, you can just deselect the 'use Vault' option in Tools->Options-> General.
  9. rollin45

    rollin45 Senior Member

    thank you!
  10. Mika

    Mika Member

    Hmph...this little bit closed down my good idea what I had....
  11. smayfield10

    smayfield10 New Member

    Out of curiosity. Has anyone tried one of the open source document management systems with Alibre?
  12. swertel

    swertel Alibre Super User

    Can you be more specific? Which ones?
  13. smayfield10

    smayfield10 New Member

    Honestly, any of them. I was looking into a few a year or so for a different company project I was working on, but it died before we really did anything. I was just wondering if anyone had any input on the matter. From what I remember some of the options seem to be fairly mature and robust for what they are and trying one for my engineering data is something that has been in the back of my mind for a while now. But I would hate to go down a path that has already been tried and was rife with issues. Especially if someone here had already done so.
  14. swertel

    swertel Alibre Super User

    To start, I don't think any PDM/PLM integrates with Alibre. That means, if you store data in their vault, then you will have to access the data through PLM first, export it to your local machine, edit it in Alibre, then upload the revision. I don't think there will be a smooth workflow.

    With that said, I also don't know of any "open source" PDM or PLM systems. Thus I was looking for specific names to understand what you qualify as open-source.

    I would start by looking at ARAS Innovator, Design Data Manager, Kenesto, and GrabCAD Workbench, or give me a name that you consider to be open source. I probably heard of it.
  15. Andy

    Andy Member

    Ten years or so ago we started with Alibre and used the repository then M-files came along. Although I did not get fully to grips with the M-files package we used it on a stand alone PC for all our CAD design work and I designed all our main current products on it. One thing that taught me was that file management cannot be underestimated. We have come back to Alibre now after the changes and after reading the above I am a little unnerved, you see we were on a standalone because there were security concerns regarding the files but now we need to incorporate Alibre and the files onto our main server. We do not want to pay for an m-files seat (cannot warrant it) and I am not happy to install a system on our server without full support.

    I am now thinking how to go about this in a timely but safe way and I am concerned about loosing links and relationships between files when I separate them into folders. I have over 3,000 files, any suggestions anyone? Have any of you had to go through this?

    So come on Alibre, you know the file system, vault, data management, whatever name you choose to call it is a very important and should really be at the top of the list to be able to compete in this big wide world.

    Great to be back by the way!
  16. linnemann

    linnemann Member

    We use M-files here extensively for all Alibre CAD and also as our file storage solution.

    I have not found anything that has the ease of use and capabilities of M-files.

    When we choose Alibre it was because it interfaced with M-files.

    We also have Vault professionel for Inventor (all updated to the latest version) and IMO it is a POC compared to M-Files.

    So I really, really, really, really hope that you guys at Alibre take some time to consider continuing to support M-Files.
    Or at least come out openly and state you intention so people can move to a platform where there is a Vault behind the CAD.

    Lastly M-files is waaayyyyy cheaper than any of the other PDM/PLM systems we have gotten a quote for.
  17. Ralf

    Ralf Alibre Super User

    I completely agree! :)
  18. Mika

    Mika Member

    There is a two reasonable price 3d cads in the markets, one is Alibre and another one is ZW3D. I have not yet purchased a Alibre expert, I'm still using my Cubify license but I have thought to acquire a more powerful software. According to my studies, ZW3D have a one partner company named GAIN who have a quite a good PDM system add-in for their software.

    If Alibre is not going to develop their Vault things forward in a near future, my software investment is not going to be a Alibre. I need to know that there is a fully working PDM system at least coming on to the software.
  19. ColeTrickle

    ColeTrickle New Member

    One question: Which type of M-Files license is available for usage with Alibre?

    Does any M-Files license do? Is there may be even a license for non-commercial/"hobbyist" usage?

    I am currently using Git and GitHub for versioning my CAD/STL/3D-Print data. This works quite well but is lacking the "PDM-Feeling".... :)
  20. swertel

    swertel Alibre Super User

    Why wouldn't you just find a best-in-class PDM system if that functionality is so important? You even state that ZW3D uses a partner company. Do the same for Alibre.

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