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Alibre low cost version

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dammerel, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. dammerel

    dammerel Senior Member

    Hi Max
    Any further information on this product?
  2. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    Not at this time, next major thing after 2018 releases. Should be 1-2 months at most after 2018 launches. More details to come.
  3. dammerel

    dammerel Senior Member

    Hey Max
    Any movement on this?
  4. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    We are doing this now.
  5. Spoors

    Spoors Member

    Wow, a new low cost version would be great. Have been using Alibre (PE 2012 being my last version) for a bit more than 10 years now as a hobbyist. Just had to switch to a new PC, but am unable to install my older version of Alibre due to the licensing changes. Played around with some other tools, but nothing seems to be able to beat Alibre. I would really love to see a low cost version with similar features as PE 2012.
    Last edited: May 22, 2018
  6. Spoors

    Spoors Member

    An indication on when AD 2018 PE is expected to become available and what features will be included (and which not)?
  7. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Spoors,

    Let's talk about it! Timeline is probably less than 2 mo.

    Please note that by viewing this post you are subject to a small legal document.

    What I'm going to show is fluid but mostly final. Rather than tell you what's not in it, I'll focus on what is in it.

    Import: STEP/DWG/DXF/SAT
    Export (3D): STL/STEP/SAT/Image formats
    Export(2D): DWG/DXF/Image formats
    Native file type: native AD_***
    Opening restrictions: if a part contains items not available in this version, it cannot be saved/exported.
    UI general items removed: Menu system, keyboard shortcuts options
    Unavailable Workspaces: Sheet metal, BOM
    Addons: Will all work

    (Sorry for the bad pictures, it's late, Word chooses to copy these at a terrible resolution, and I'll perhaps fix it later)

    Guiding Principles:
    • Simplify the interface for casual users
    • Don't annoy the customer into upgrading
    • Provide a toolset that we believe a hobby user can excel with
    • Don't give away the kitchen sink

    Price: Around $200USD/license (intnl prices may vary) with optional updates at around $50/yr. Support is not part of this price; there is no "general support" for this product (forums only), but we will of course offer install/licensing/etc. support.

    Part modeling features:

    Part modeling 2D Sketch:

    Part modeling Viewing and Analysis:

    Assembly Modeling:

    2D Workspace:


    Attached Files:

    Last edited: May 23, 2018
  8. dammerel

    dammerel Senior Member

    Max, here in Australia we always get "ripped off" with pricing
    Would you consider an internet pay option (Paypal or equiv) similar to Viacad etc..
  9. Spoors

    Spoors Member

    Hi Max,
    Great to see that you are making the effort to develop a version for hobbyists. Wondering if it would be helpful to reflect that in the naming of the product as well. Something like Alibre Design Novice (Apprentice, Beginner, Hobby(ist), Home ... or Rookie). Just a thought ... :)

    The pricing looks fine to me. Believe it is about the same price as the earlier AD 2014 PE license ($199?). Also like the option for an update subscription. As suggested by Andrew, it would also be a good option to allow to buy the product directly via your website using PayPal (or equiv.). As support is not included, there should not be any added value to do this via a local partner/reseller.
    Not really something which impacts me, as I use AD on one machine only ... assume that the installation will only be possible on a limited amount of assets (believe it was 2 for AD 2014 PE)?

    At a first glance, the provided features look sufficient for a hobbyist (looking at my needs only of course ...). I will have a more detailed review and provide an better answer over the weekend.



    PS: You mentioned that by viewing this post you are subject to a small legal document. Noticed that this thread is also visible when you are not logged in to the forum, so not quite sure if it should be restricted to logged in user only?
    Last edited: May 24, 2018
  10. Jonathan

    Jonathan Administrator Staff Member


    Regarding pricing, our partners are free to choose their own pricing. However, we do have a Platinum Partner (www.baycad.biz) who maintains their prices similar to our standard list prices for both Australia and New Zealand.

    Offering Alibre Design through partners outside of North America helps us keep our prices low. It's a win/win for our customers as not only can our customers acquire Alibre Design easier by buying locally, but our customers can also receive local technical/licensing assistance. Support outside of North America is much faster due to time zone differences. Plus, many of our partners have been offering Alibre Design products for 10+ years and are highly knowledgeable. Baycad, for example, has been an Alibre partner for close to 15 years!

  11. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    This was a joke :D The link goes to the Guinness Book of World Records entry for the world's longest contract.
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  12. Spoors

    Spoors Member

    You got me there ... :)

    Bit late with my reaction, but here it is. Compared to AD PE 2012 some features are not available, but from what I can see most of the proposed features meet the hobbyist needs (at least from my point of view).

    • the essentials are available

    Part modeling features
    • the essentials are available
    • missing helix boss/cut - have not used these very often, but are helpful for hobbyist to make spring coils (modeltrains, modelcars, etc)

    Part modeling 2D Sketch

    • the essentials are available
    • missing circular arc - start, end, radius and elliptical arc - these are quite essential for 2D sketching

    Part modeling Viewing and Analysis

    • no remarks

    Assembly Modeling
    • no remarks

    2D Workspace
    • assume that the 2D sketching options will be the same as for Part modeling 2D Sketch
    • would be quite essential to have the mentioned (missing) arc features as well
    • just some background on how I use the 2D workspace.
      • start with a blank drawing insert a (scanned) image of an existing drawing
      • the image is scaled to the scale of the model that I am designing
      • this drawing is used as a reference and is sketched upon to obtain the right dimensions.

    Hope this is helps a bit ...


  13. Mika

    Mika Member

    Possible to upgrade my old Cubify license?
  14. Dave H

    Dave H Senior Member

    Noticed "Quick" constraints only. No "Standard" constraints option?
  15. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    There will likely be an explicit upgrade path for Cubify users.


    We're going to test it out, potentially add these in later. We're trying to strike a balance between simple UI and power. It's less about "not giving users access to these tools because they are too powerful for a hobby version" and more about simplifying. That will be tweaked as time passes.
  16. moyesboy

    moyesboy Alibre Super User

    Hello. For a while I was very active here, until my employer became part of a larger organisation and solidworks is used throughout the group.
    I saw that Alibre gained its independence again reading Ralph Grabowski's "upfront"
    The way to make a low cost version available to hobbyists and have some way of expanding that into a revenue stream for you and additional functionality for them as they develop into a business is always difficult.
    The users of a low cost or free system need to be sure they can retain access to their data and the system wont suddenly be scrapped (like prodesktop express for example).
    I had an idea using Alibre's on line roots that might work.
    Hobby users might be given access to great functionality but their files would be available in an online repository that has open read access, but only write access for the user. So any work done on the system would be in effect open source.
    That could be a free option, to generate new users. Get that one out there to all the 3D printer owners who put their stuff on thingyverse anyway.
    Then on a sliding scale of fees, or subscriptions, a secure storage area is made available of increasing size. The user can split their files between their public and their private area.
    When they pay a full subscription they can make all their stuff private and stored only locally.
    The idea is that those making money need the privacy, but those not intending to make money dont (and wont pay either).
    The "long tail" of users and wannabe users spreads out into the hobbyists who will never pay - but among them are those who will build a business. The problem is how to attract them without generating excessive costs, and retain the worthwhile customers who grow into serious use of your product.
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  17. Tom

    Tom Member

    I would gladly give up 'tangent arc' for 'start, end, center'. I can add tangent.

    I have had some occasions when 'Quick Constraint' does not work and standard was. Leave standard please, lose quick if necessary. I believe when I started using Alibre lo many years ago, standard was the only option. Am I correct in that?

  18. Max

    Max Administrator Staff Member

    The features are pretty baked at this point - but I hear you. We will likely revisit some of these tweaks in a subsequent version. We wanted to remove everything that wasn't absolutely required and then let the nice-to-haves rise to the top so only the bare minimum eventually gets in the product. When I say bare minimum, I'm referring to "the bare minimum required to achieve a great design experience while maintaining simplicity" - I do not mean we're trying to defeature for the heck of it :D
  19. Spoors

    Spoors Member

    Good to see that this is progressing! Anything known about a release date already?
  20. ftkalcevic

    ftkalcevic Member

    I guess it comes down to who you are targeting with this version, but I would have thought 3D printer owners would be one of them. For them (us), being able to import and modify STL files in a CAD program is a great feature.

    Also, is the "analyze" option removed from the 2d sketch menu? This seems like a requirement - it can be impossible sometimes to find errors when there are minuscule gaps or overlaps.
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