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Alibre Graphics Support for V23, V24 under Windows 10/11

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It considering replacing my main workstation, which is an HP Z400 with an NVIDIA Quadro 2000 graphics card running Windows 7 Pro and two monitors (1600 x 1200 and 1920 x 1200). HP tells me it can't be upgraded to Windows 10/11 operating systems. In looking over current HP products (my brand preference), I see the high end workstations now have graphic cards driving multiple 4K displays.

I have V23 Alibre Expert with maintenance, so V24 isn't too far off, and apparently Windows 11 will appear soon too. So here are my hardware questions:

1) Looking ahead to the V24/Windows 11 combination, what will be the practical upper end of screen resolutions I should shoot for with a new workstation?

2) Does Alibre have any practical limit on the graphic cards and resolutions it can support in either V23 or V24 (Beta)?

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Hi Lonnie,

I am running a radeon pro 7 with a 2 4k monitors and one 5k (5120x2160) on which i normally run alibre, it works great, no limitations I am aware of aside from an odd interaction with a usb displayport monitor. I have also tested these monitors with a quadro 4000, no issues at all, runs great. I usually run Alibre oin the really high res monitor.
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