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Alibre crashing computer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jake_Steidy, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. Jake_Steidy

    Jake_Steidy Member

    Hello all! So I have been using Alibre with the most current build, 20065, as well as 20055. I have been experiencing a very peculiar problem that I will try to go into as much detail because it is causing a fatal system crash that can continue to loop.

    Alibre is open and running a sheet metal part that I am working on. My computer then goes into sleep mode. When I wake my computer and try and work in the previously running sheet metal part it goes into a "This program is not responding." So I wait for it to respond, but after maybe 60 seconds my computer crashes and restarts and forces me to login again. Then I open up Alibre design and am greeted with the "File has unexpectedly closed" would you like to restore the file I was previously working on. When I try to restore that file it opens and as soon as I click anywhere within the window I get the same "This program is not responding." and goes through the whole cycle again. I have cycled this more than 3 times and am able to break the cycle by canceling the restore of that file I can open Alibre and begin working without the crash occurring. I have not received any error messages or anything indicating why this is occurring. I don't know if any other users have had this crash, but if you have I think its something that should be brought up. Any questions or comments are appreciated.


    I am working with 64 bit Windows 10 Pro
    With a GTX 1050 Ti GPU
  2. DavidJ

    DavidJ Alibre Super User Staff Member

    Obvious questions - does disabling sleep mode prevent the problem occurring? Is the problem only present in SMP workspace?

    You should provide details to support - including the alibre.log file, and the SMP file if possible. The best chance of getting to the bottom of this is for support to be able to replicate it.
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  3. Jake_Steidy

    Jake_Steidy Member

    After a bunch of driver updates and fiddling with my graphics drivers Alibre is working fine again. Thanks for your time and help David.


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