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Alibre & Calculix- shell elements?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Adi, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. TimoCAD

    TimoCAD Senior Member

    Here as SolidModel with Tet10 Volume-Elements (C3D10):
  2. TimoCAD

    TimoCAD Senior Member

    Don't take TRIAS for calculating shell elements!
  3. TimoCAD

    TimoCAD Senior Member

    Both of them are working. But you should better use the solid and volume elements tet10. It's a small part, so the time shouldn't be long for calculating. On my machine about 34s.
  4. Adi

    Adi Member

    Thanks, I forgot to change mesh parameters (i just meshed this part, without even looking on meshing parameters), to "Quad dominated", and after reading your post I wanted to do that.. but I found that files made in "my way", using online converter can't be meshed with option "quad dominated", where this option is visible (and posible to choose), when importet file was in IGES- ok so it's the anser on my problem- Salome (or other similar program) is probably for now the only way to do that in proper way.
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  5. SergioP.

    SergioP. Member

    About comparing shells vs solid elements in CalculiX, I have made several models and they perform very well (very similar results), you must take in count that there is a bug in case of using simmetry boundary conditions on shells, I´m waiting for the next release to see if they improve it.

    Take a look at this example of a skid in a modal analisys, I have done the 3D modeling at work using Solidedge, then meshed in Salome with hexas and quads, and then have used Mecway to apply boundary conditions and materials. CalculiX was the solver in both cases

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  6. Adi

    Adi Member

    I known, that solid model can give very simmilar to shell models results ( if you have at lest 3 elements per dimension which in shell model will be 1 element (as thikness value),

    As 2 different ways I meant two different ways of preparation of shell model (not calculating shell or solid)- one which was suggested here by You- to use Salome, and the second one, with conversion from iges to stl, but as I mentioned in previous post- at my "method" there is problem with PrePoMax, becouse there was no possible to create proper quad mesh- there is no such option in meshing parameters :confused:
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2021
  7. Hunter

    Hunter Senior Member

    testSURFACE.igs meshes fine in CAD Processor (3 separate faces)

    Here's what it looks like in Strand7 R3, free edges in light grey/white. Also meshes fine.
  8. Adi

    Adi Member

    Thanks, I see tht PrePoMax doesn't accept IGS files (or.. it accept them, but have problems with proper opening) I managed to convert files from Alibre (IGES) to stl/stp by using free softare (even website converters works), I will get back to the tests of cooperation of Alibre and PrePoMax after recovery from ilness.

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