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3D Woodscrew Models

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smartka, May 19, 2006.

  1. smartka

    smartka Member

    3D Woodscrew Models

    Does anyone know of a site that I can download various types of woodscrew from?
    I've had a look at both Alibre's part library & Part Solutions Library, but haven't had a lot of luck.


    Keith Smart
  2. cherkey

    cherkey Senior Member

    Check out mcmaster.com

  3. MilesH

    MilesH Alibre Super User


    There are 2 user entries for woodscrews on 3D Content Central. Haven't tried either of them myself, though... maybe they're Solidworks only. Perhaps there's something in the suppliers listings there.
  4. smartka

    smartka Member

    3D Woodscrew Models

    Thanks for your help chaps. Unfortunately couldn't find much. Will just model up myself , then add various configurations. Was just being lazy really.

  5. MilesH

    MilesH Alibre Super User

    We really need somewhere to share models amongst ourselves. We could contribute stuff as we make it. There isn't much in the way of woodworking hardware out there, as you found. I'd certainly chip in.
  6. WoodWorks

    WoodWorks Alibre Super User

    I have created a parametric screw that I can configure as various wood screws. Rather than a helical thread that significantly impacts performance, I use a psuedo thread that is a v shaped ring around the entire shank.

    I have created various common heads (countersunk, pan head, oval head..) and drives (robertson square, phillips, slot, pozi(well sort of)) and can combine them for a combination head (square & phillips...).

    I use a linear pattern, to replicate the thread which is composed of a straight section followed by the thread. Based on parameters, I can change the thread pitch, major and minor diameters, as well as tip length. I have a few tip variations, with an option for an auger cutter. I am a frequent purchaser of woodworking fastenings from the McFeely's catalog and have used the website as a source for possible screw variations.

    Based on the shank length, screw pitch... I calculate the number of threads and create the closest whole number of thread sections, which I have found is close enough to the real screw.

    What I was still working on was a table of the parameters to define the many variations of screws from #4 to #10 screws. These screws are based on a typical Lo-Root screw and are not your old fashioned tapered wood screw (which I stopped using years ago). Anybody willing to take the calipers to your screw collection and send me a table of values? I have a dish of a few screws I used to create my initial parts (including a few Senco collated screws) from which I measured common values with my calipers.

    I used these screws in my design contest submission (just for completeness). The bad news is that I am swamped until mid week and can not post this to my website until then. Please visit my website and send me an email, and I will notify you when I post my screw. I will also post to this thread. I hope this screw will be of use, as I put a bit of work into creating it.

    I found that configurations to include all the variations of a particular screw made the file extremely large. I am still debating whether to create a line by size (#8...), or just head type. Right now I have just created a screw with a few generic configurations, and the user can modify the parameters for each to have a selection of screws for a particular project. The plus side to this is that the many screws are just one part for Xpress users.
  7. WoodWorks

    WoodWorks Alibre Super User

    I would also be willing to post others woodworking parts to my site, as I hope to include cutter profiles (catalog features) and parts I have had to create as part of my projects. I am currently looking at undertaking a 32mm shelf spoon support and hole liner.

    I have been busy with my calipers again creating bed hardware parts, and trying to get accurate dimensioned specs for other parts I have not purchased. Send me an email via my website (spammers keep me from posting my email address here because of harvesting programs).
  8. MilesH

    MilesH Alibre Super User

    I should have known that you would have had this sorted, Kirk :)

    Great. If I model any interesting woodworking related hardware, I'll send it to you, for posting on your site.
  9. seagullthai

    seagullthai New Member

    did you find a sight, I have been modeling wood screws.
  10. albie0803

    albie0803 Alibre Super User

  11. MKR

    MKR Member

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