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  1. JST

    REALLY nasty problem that appears to be totally unfixable

    A minor constituent of the main model got, by accident of mis-typing, a file of its same name as a part within it. The file of the constituent is now bad, and marks everything it is in as bad as well. Now the entire main model will not open, because the constituent of it has that issue. No...
  2. JST

    "Offset free" goes to wrong side, no way to change that?

    When using "offset free" to get a part parallel to a plane, such as the XY or YZ plane, if the part goes to the wrong side, persistently, no matter what position you put it close to, there seems to be no way to reverse it. The support needs to face the other way, but using "offset free" with...
  3. JST

    Points and axes not working in V23?

    I have a design for a client which involves some pipework, for a welded frame, not fluid flow. I need to stick a couple parts together which have angle cuts on them, since the frame has an angle at that point. The way I have done this in the past is to get the two parts with their cut ends...
  4. JST

    A different type of array?

    I seem to be doing stairways at the moment. And things naturally change, which makes for a great deal of slogging through constraints, implementing changes. So.... I cannot seem to find a way to do an array that consists of a series of parts which have a "horizontal" spacing, AND a...
  5. JST

    How soon will Alibre REQUIRE Win 11?

    I know that depends on when M$ decides to "discontinue support" for Win 10. But, many of us just bought new computers within the last couple years. I'm here to tell you I am not interested in having to buy another new computer soon. I might let support expire, rather than either pay for...
  6. JST

    What year version is the first to use the current license server?

    The question came up elsewhere, and I could not find search terms that gave a good answer.
  7. JST

    V 23 still wants to save unchanged models every time

    A the title says. No matter what, V23 asks to save the model even if there has been no edit. Even if the model has been saved already, just moments before. Seems (as usual) that it is more common with models that were started in the prior version (V22 in this case). Pretends to act just...
  8. JST

    Anyone running Alibre on a VM thru Linux?

    It seems that I recall a discussion, but I could not locate it. I am getting tired of Micro$oft bloatware and the latency increases, so considering a shift for the future. Some programs are available in Linux, and for others, the Windows VM should handle. But I am not sure it does. So, if...
  9. JST

    Proper approach to updating Keyshot to preserve pre-established items?

    I have had trouble with Keyshot updating, but utterly losing all the things I had available before, material lists, materials, etc, so that the models went back to being the default, and the previously preset items were not available. Is there a way to update such that everything is still...
  10. JST

    Everyone happy with the new version so far?

    I have a slack time now that I could update in, and I have "paid for the new version". But I am pretty shy of Alibre updates, as some have had issues and a flurry of quick fixes. It seems that most things should have settled out now, and I have not seen any quick fix releases. What version of...
  11. JST

    What is status of V23?

    I thought the revised target date for release was around now.
  12. JST

    Constraint "automatic execution" fails, and causes bad fault

    The problem seems to be in the program automatically resetting the offset to zero. But read the procedure. So, I needed to place 5 gusset plates along a section of C8 x 11.5 steel channel. I got them constrained to the surface and edge that they needed to be on, and started to space them as...
  13. JST

    Any thoughts on why this ellipse will not allow a fillet between side and bottom?

    I did it before with a different fillet on a similar part.
  14. JST

    So, why does the maintenance link ask me to pay DOUBLE?

    I cannot get rid of the "Maintenance x2" on the billing amount, for some reason. I only wish to do maintenance for one year, not two. This is the maintenance link via the program home page. I eventually got an email, and the link in the email did NOT want double. What is up here?
  15. JST

    Old transparency issue apparently back in V22

    I have noticed that the transparency issue that was in some prior versions appears to be back in V22. The issue seems to be with models that started life several versions ago. This particular model is a component of the large facility layout file that I sent in with relation to the improper...
  16. JST

    File marked as unsaved incorrectly

    I have files that do not ask for a save if just opened and closed. But they DO ask for a save if I zoom the view, or change the view angle, but do NOTHING else. I have other files (often drawings) which ask for a save every single time they are opened, despite NO editing being done to any part...
  17. JST

    A possibly stupid sketch question

    I looked for references on these and did not see anything that answered the questions. 1) I know one can edit a part from the model, pull projected lines etc from the model into a sketch in the part, etc. But it seems you always need to have the part already in the model, so that you can...
  18. JST

    Constraints ignored?

    So, twice I have set up constraint for a part of a somewhat complex assembly. Each time I have saved it. In neither case was the constraint saved. I am CERTAIN that I did have the constraint accepted, in that I hit the checkmark button, and the window contents were cleared. It may be that...
  19. JST

    V22: Is there a volume and density workaround? Client wants total mass estimate

    As shown. I do not trust the volume measurement, since one comes out to exactly 3ft (cube I assume) with zero cubic inches left over... this seems too exact. So I added a random part to the assembly..... THAT gives 4 cubic feet zero cubic inches. This is obviously wrong, the added part is...
  20. JST

    Drawing dimension problem

    I have a piece of 1" schedule 40 pipe in a mode, that is cut on an angle at each end. The client prefers that cuts be given in linear dimensions, not angles, mine not to reason why. The angle is about 3 degrees, which works out closest to 1/16" difference across the pipe (they do not use...