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  1. Max

    A new V24 update, videos, and performance list

    We've updated the release page for v24: https://www.alibre.com/version24/ A note on performance: One thing that was not noted in the previous thread is that a lot of work has gone into performance improvements. Things like large sketch management, editing in context of large assemblies...
  2. Max

    Support.alibre.com intermittent issue

    We are in the process of migrating our support back end to another platform. You may see a temporary SSL (security certificate) issue when visiting support.alibre.com. We expect this to resolve reasonably soon. Just FYI.
  3. Max

    A little preview of v24

    A little preview of what we've been up to. :D Realtime Previews in Sheet Metal SM features now compute in real time like regular part features Assembly Constraint Dialog - Apply An apply button is now at the bottom of the dialog. User Profile versioning Sometimes you need to go between...
  4. Max

    Poll - Screen Resolution / DPI

    Hello, please post your screen resolution and Windows Scale Factor. Please keep it brief, like this: 3840x2160 @ 250% Find on Windows 10: Right-click on Desktop > Display Settings Scroll down to the Scale and Layout section Post the Resolution and Windows Scale Factor Find on Windows 8...
  5. Max

    Contacting Alibre over the next few days

    Hi folks, just a quick pop-on now that I have some power. We're mostly based in the Dallas area and, as many other people, we're being hammered with winter storms that are putting a crazy strain on the entire electric grid. Rolling power outages are planned, but they turned into just having no...
  6. Max

    Vote now - Design / Atom contest

    Voting will finalize on March 5. Check it out: https://www.alibre.com/vote/
  7. Max

    Feedback requested - Ribbon / Toolbar / Menu and UI consolidation

    Please see a revised proposal for the ribbon based on your feedback and ignore the one in this post. ---------Old--------- Hello, we are considering consolidating some tools. We have 4 Extrude tools, 4 revolve tools, 4 sweep tools, 2 helical tools, and 2 loft tools - the thinking is that's a...
  8. Max

    Need some feedback on realtime preview

    Hey folks, you may have seen the realtime preview...preview. There is a specific challenge here that we want your feedback on. Please keep this discussion to the issue shown below: The problem by example You're making a fillet. You are used to seeing Edge<3> in the geometry input box of the...
  9. Max

    A little preview :D

    Hey folks, we've been working on this little diddy for a bit. Hoping to have it in v23. Have you ever: Made a shell with a bad value resulting in a failed feature? Made a fillet with too large a value resulting in a failed feature? Wished you could clearly see what a distance-distance chamfer...
  10. Max

    Design Contest Live - Enter now!

    Hey folks, we have two design contests happening until Feb 1, 2021. One is for Atom/Workshop users and one is for Design Pro/Expert users. Dust off those models and show off what you and your company are working on: Atom3D / Workshop users: https://www.alibre.com/atom-contest/ Design...
  11. Max

    v23 - Request Thread

    V23 is an "annoyance fixing" release - bugs, usability, UI weirdness, etc. Along those lines - please list your top 3 in the following format: 1. In this workspace when I do this etc. 2. In the Equation Editor clicking on blah does blah and it should do blah. 3. We need lasso select tools in...
  12. Max

    Version 22 - Final Update

    I've updated https://www.alibre.com/version22/ to include everything slated to be in the release. A lot has been added to the Other Enhancements & Bug Fixes section. Check it out.
  13. Max

    Version 22 - one more thing

    Updated the https://www.alibre.com/version22 page with this new video showing the new dynamic part library:
  14. Max

    Version 22 Preview - Update

    Update - I've added a mouse cursor video and an Excel-based threads video. More to come soon. It's that time again folks. We have a subset of the v22 features available for preview, and we'll keep adding over time. https://www.alibre.com/version22/ Our plans for v22 are fully set - so let's...
  15. Max

    New material editor...

    I deleted an unnecessarily toxic thread related to material editing. <finger wag> A new, built in material editor that's easy to use, easy to share, expanded with more data, etc. is coming in a few months in the next release. Furthermore, some folks participating in the aforementioned thread...
  16. Max

    Alibre Help Question

    Our Help will be completely rewritten within about 9 months. Question: Help is best maintained / de-obfuscated / mass-appealed when it has feedback that is easy and when it can be updated on-the-fly. We want our Help to be online only - you click a Help button in a dialog and it takes you to...
  17. Max

    Quick feedback needed

    Hi all, we are about to ship SP1 for v21. Question - many have raised the desired behaviors: 1) let me clear a selection in the constraint dialog if I click in blank space and 2) I want a mouse-centric way to commit constraints fast The proposal: When you left click blank space and the...
  18. Max

    v21 is now live

  19. Max

    v21 Feature Videos

    Go here for vids and discussion.
  20. Max

    New v21 Preview Videos

    Check it out! https://www.alibre.com/version21/