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    Where to get the Alibre generated assembly thumbnails?

    I downloaded software (WinCatalog) to try to capture the thumbnails of the assemblies on the drive so I can find the images in one spot. As yet I cannot capture any. When I do I would like to export (about 1,000) to something like Powerpoint (with the file name and location). How does Alibre...
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    "Silly" poll

    In view of our 3DS experiences,
  3. RCH_Projects

    Measurement tool shortcut

    I've used Alibre a long time but never noticed: If you Shift-Click elements (lines, faces, etc.) measurement summary displays where the usual (length) information is displayed.
  4. RCH_Projects

    USB Toggle

    I know that my version of Alibre (3DS) and Dynamics will be lost at the end of June. I can't go forward with Alibre and lose Dynamics (thousands of .WM3 files and my only simulation software). Is a USB toggle available? Details? Thank you.
  5. RCH_Projects

    Wow - Could have used this

    FAQ - Calculations and validation https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=it&u=http://www.lista.it/atnet/FAQ3/WM3DFAQ.htm&prev=search I've spent years working out a lot of what is clearly stated here, but I missed it on the Italian website until now, if it was there; and if I had the...
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    Cloud vendors secretly scramble...

    "Cloud vendors secretly scramble to patch critical flaw in Intel chips, performance hits expected" "Damage control from $INTC with zero details beyond “it’s not just us” gives a hint just how bad this bug is."...
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    Doesn't qualify as "alpha" software

    Trying to get a basic simulation in Dynamics was proving to be a huge fail. Friction was dropping out arbitrarily and without notice. I couldn't even get a meter to work with friction (constraint or contact). I dropped back to a benchmark trial to ferret out any causes through trial and error...
  8. RCH_Projects

    (Polite?) scorch mode pending - SCORCH COMPLETED

    Linked to https://www.alibreforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=19432&p=121995#p121995
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    Basic CV Joint for Alibre in simulation search

    I need to use a CV type Joint in a Dynamics Simulation. There are plenty of fanciful full blown STEP files but I need to avoid the overhead and pitfalls of overblown "converted" files for a rudimentary simulation. Does anyone have something basic they can share or instructions to properly...
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    There be a spark!

    Selecting Help-Forum from Alibre application "Home" screen. :) (YMMV) "Forum" is a 404 error.
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    Where has all the friction gone? devOLVED

    Trying to finalize analysis of a model I am creating a "clean" simulation from scratch and applying all I've learned about Dynamics. But try as I might my friction has faded to oblivion. I especially use high friction (with a variable) to determine available torque - the end goal so to speak. I...
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    Tips - API / Macro user performance tips.

    The big three (or more). See the "Tutorials and Tips from the Community" forum.
  13. RCH_Projects

    Tips - API / Macro user performance tips.

    I decided to repost this tip and others for those who use that API or other macro software which involves swaps between assembly and parts or repetitive repositioning an assembly. 1. Clearly ribbon changes are a huge memory leak and progressively slow the software and devour memory. <ctrl -...
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    Major upgrade for about $275

    I expect to double my single thread processing speed based on https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html statistics. Looking at about $275. An upgrade is not needed as much for GD as it is for Simulation. If I could just replace the CPU from AMD Phenom II X2 3.2 GHz (2 core) to the Intel...
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    Dynamics Functions and Identifiers

    The help files with Dynamics/Simulate have a few gaps in them. For example "normalimpulse" is not listed or explained and I don't know what else. Knowing what's included in Dynamics but not referenced might fill in learning gaps so if anyone has a comprehensive list it would be helpful. I...
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    Here we go again? Rejected Licenses RESOLVED

    Any one else locked out of their software?
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    Noisy charts or other fail solutions

    With little to no literature regarding failing results in Dynamics I wanted to start this thread. Time allowing I'll try to add symptoms and solutions for issues I've encountered. My applications are not typical so a user may or may not encounter any particular issue. Other issues have a greater...
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    Java update killing Licences???? - RESOLVED

    After this java update my license is rejecting. Suggest you avoid Java update till resolved. Win 8.1
  19. RCH_Projects

    Forces flipping direction on their own - resolved

    Running simulation I caught the software reverse direction of force – stupid, stupid, stupid! These simulations take hours for a few seconds of results. Trying to reconcile "stable" configurations for days/weeks/months at a time. Zero credibility when this happens. Out of maintenance...
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    Useful Software - Mechanical Expressions

    Mechanical Expressions (ME) is a geometric application (much in the vein of GeoGebra viewtopic.php?f=1&t=6713&p=63856&hilit=geogebra#p63856) that includes export of math formulas for VBA, HTML5/Javascript apps and other math softwares. http://www.mechanicalexpressions.com/ ME is an extension of...