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  1. Max

    New Forum Format with COOKIES

    This includes spammers - the world we live in. This is the primary reason you haven't been asked to buy 100% real Prada purses at bargain basement prices!
  2. Max

    New Forum Format with COOKIES

    Yes, those exist and I can play with adding them back.
  3. Max

    New Forum Format with COOKIES

    Actually I take that back - the forum uses cookies to keep you logged in. Always has. Just press Accept and you won't see it again. There's no reason to hide that fact.
  4. Max

    New Forum Format with COOKIES

    We upgraded the forum. We'll be migrating styles which were not automatically compatible over the next few days. The cookies thing is an option and I'll remove it as part of that process.
  5. Max

    A new V24 update, videos, and performance list

    We will be considering that. This was a fairly last minute feature for us as centerline lofting almost didn't make it in - and without this feature centerline lofting is essentially impossible in all but extremely trivial cases. It is the way it is for the sake of speed, but we get that...
  6. Max

    A new V24 update, videos, and performance list

    What browser are you using?
  7. Max

    How to unfold a part?

    Nate is right - this can be done in Sheet Metal. I'd upload the file but I'm using a version you wouldn't be able to open right now. Start a new SMP, make a small tab in the middle, create a bend-only flange with the proper radius and length, trim the ends, flatten.
  8. Max

    A new V24 update, videos, and performance list

    We've updated the release page for v24: https://www.alibre.com/version24/ A note on performance: One thing that was not noted in the previous thread is that a lot of work has gone into performance improvements. Things like large sketch management, editing in context of large assemblies...
  9. Max

    Why I can not do more than two constrainst on a part?

    This is highly dependent on the design and can come up in many ways. You should upload your specific parts. A classic example is constraining a door to two hinges. The 2nd hinge will fail since the door is actually fully constrained with the first hinge. Another example is that you think 2...
  10. Max

    [Resolved] Inability to rotate with constraint

    Turn off Minimum Motion: Now, use the triad tool and you can rotate it freely while constrained to be coincident to the other part.
  11. Max

    ram assigned to app

    This is not the same issue as people are talking about related to "stuff in sketches" bc these are not sketch entities. No, this should not be happening (I can't really confirm it properly bc I don't have the other files). This is well below any amount of stuff in a drawing that should cause...
  12. Max

    PDF in Alibre

    There was a brief period a few years ago where the migration to the new PDF engine was causing some issues related to symbols. However, those have long since been addressed. Is there an actual specific issue that you are referring to by chance? We get almost no complaints about PDF...
  13. Max

    Alibre Graphics Support for V23, V24 under Windows 10/11

    The practical limits are: Your budget Your eyesight Your tolerance for FPS stuttering What can you actually purchase in these strange times Alibre Design doesn't really have an upper limit on resolution - if you're trying to run an 8K design rig you can though it would be insane, a bad...
  14. Max

    A little preview of v24

    It will be put into the package and upon unpackage will reside wherever you unpackage to. It will remain locked.
  15. Max

    A little preview of v24

    Save all as will result in a duplicate file. You want a "save all as except locked" function which I can see being valuable but cannot make it into this cycle.
  16. Max

    Support.alibre.com intermittent issue

    We are in the process of migrating our support back end to another platform. You may see a temporary SSL (security certificate) issue when visiting support.alibre.com. We expect this to resolve reasonably soon. Just FYI.
  17. Max

    A little preview of v24

    Copying is not usually a good idea. SaveAs'ing is better. And yes, copy and SaveAs will maintain locked status.
  18. Max

    A little preview of v24

    Backstage View A revamped File menu experience provides immediate access to part data, save settings, and more. Save Dialog The multi-component save dialog is getting an overhaul. Equation Editor Massive EQ Editor overhaul with: New responsive grid control Set favorites Search entire...
  19. Max

    A little preview of v24

    A little preview of what we've been up to. :D Realtime Previews in Sheet Metal SM features now compute in real time like regular part features Assembly Constraint Dialog - Apply An apply button is now at the bottom of the dialog. User Profile versioning Sometimes you need to go between...
  20. Max

    Is Alibre ready for Windows 11?

    I've been using 11 as a daily driver for a long while since the dev builds came out. My takeaways: AD works, for me, in the dev builds, just fine. In general, it is way better and more polished Things are easier, not harder - though YMMV depending on what 'things' you are trying to do...