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  1. ajayre

    WizoGrid 1.2.0 Released

    Download from www.wizotools.com This version can access parameters in subassemblies and parts in assemblies. This is done through the parameter name. For exmaple: foo<2>.bar<1>.baz will get or set the parameter baz on the part bar<1> on the subassembly foo<2>. This works wherever a...
  2. ajayre

    Introducing WizoGrid - Integrated Spreadsheets

    Read and write parameters using functions. Import and export to Excel. Multiple worksheets. Save spreadsheets into part and assembly files. PDF manual with step-by-step instructions. Download from here: http://www.wizotools.com Andy
  3. ajayre

    The Script Editor

    The recent ressurection of an old topic regarding the editor made me realize that the AlibreScript manual should contain a chapter on the editor and some of it's features. I've attached the new chapter here and it will be included in future releases of Alibre Design (except the release...
  4. ajayre

    2019 Beta 20043 Hide User Interface

    In the latest beta try running this: P = Part('foo', True, True) P.AddSketch('bar', P.XYPlane) P.Save(r'C:\Users\Andy\Desktop') P.Close() No user interface is created. Good for creating libraries of parts. Andy
  5. ajayre

    TUTORIAL - Sketch Mapping

    This tutorial demonstrates the new Alibre Script sketch mapping feature in Alibre Design 2019. The primary use is when writing scripts that modify existing parts making it easier to create 2D sketches without having to get into complex calculations. A description of the functionality can also be...
  6. ajayre

    AlibreScript Hints and Tips

    Previously with WizoScript it ran as an independent program, so access to parts and assemblies was always via opening them from a file or referencing them by name if already open. That still works but AlibreScript runs inside part and assembly workspaces so it is possible to get the current...
  7. ajayre

    Spotted on a UK Magazine Stand

    The use of the Python scripting language is becoming increasingly common and there are now magazines for it. :D Andy
  8. ajayre

    Tutorial - Creating a Hole Comparer Utility in WizoScript

    In this tutorial we are going to build a small utility that shows the diameters of two holes so they can be easily compared. Not very useful considering that this can easily be shown in Alibre Design, but demonstrates how to create a utility, and can be used as a starting point for something...
  9. ajayre

    WizoScript 4.01 Released

    Lots of new functionality in this release, available for free from www.wizotools.com. Dialog windows can now have images and drop-down lists. This allows choosing from a range of parts or pre-defined settings for example. The method of selecting part items (edges, faces, planes, etc.) in...
  10. ajayre

    Tutorial - Constraints in WizoScript

    A short introduction to adding constraints. This tutorial requires WizoScript 3.50 or later. First we create a new empty assembly: Asm = Assembly("Test") Now we load in a part and place it at the origin: NewPart1 = Asm.AddPart(r'C:\Users\Andy\Desktop\PartA.AD_PRT', 0, 0, 0) next we...
  11. ajayre

    Tutorial: Assemblies in WizoScript

    Here is an overview of some of the new assembly functionality in WizoScript. Note that you need version 3.51 or later to follow along with this. We can create a new empty assembly: Test = Assembly("Test"); Now let's add an existing part to it: PartAOcc =...
  12. ajayre

    WizoScript 3.50 Released

    www.wizotools.com This version supports the new AD 2017.1. It also supports adding parts and sub-assemblies to assemblies and the moving/rotating those parts and sub-assemblies. Constraints can be added to assemblies also. I will write a tutorial and some examples for the new assembly support...
  13. ajayre

    Animation of Assemblies

    Script-based animation. More details to follow.
  14. ajayre

    TUTORIAL: Equation Sketcher

    Copy and paste the script from http://www.wizotools.com/2016/06/02/equation-sketcher/ into WizoScript. Create a part or open an existing part, add a sketch and in this sketch add a single node where you want the start of the mathematical curve to begin. Close the sketch. Run the script. You...
  15. ajayre

    TUTORIAL: Cylinder Between Two Points

    Open a part or create a new part and insert two design points where the start and ends of the cylinder need to go. Copy and paste this script http://www.wizotools.com/2016/06/01/cylinder-between-two-points-ii/ into WizoScript and run it. The following dialog window will be shown. Select...
  16. ajayre

    TUTORIAL: Speaker Grilles

    OK, so you may not be that interested in speaker grilles, but I hope to show you in this tutorial some new techniques that might give you inspiration for solving problems you do have. Create an image in your favorite editor. I use an old version of IcoFX from when it was still free. The image...
  17. ajayre

    WizoScript 3.00 Release

    Along with an all-new website: http://www.wizotools.com. This version has a major enhancement that allows scripts to be fully interactive, which opens up a new way of using them. I hope it will make scripting more user-friendly and accessible. Previous releases had the option to show a custom...
  18. ajayre

    Wave Washers

    V18 of Geomagic Design added support for sweeps along 3d sketches in the API, which makes it now possible in WizoScript. Here is a wave washer generator to demonstrate. Requires WizoScript 2.60 or later. The nice thing about using a custom dialog for this is that people can use the script as-is...
  19. ajayre

    WizoScript 2.51 Custom Dialogs

    Version 2.51 is now available - http://www.wizotools.com - and features support for creating custom dialog windows. This means it is now possible to prompt users of scripts for text, number and checkbox inputs, making general-purpose scripts more user-friendly. Some examples: Example 1 Win =...
  20. ajayre

    WizoScript 1.95 Released

    http://www.wizotools.com - Supports Geomagic Design V17. - Additional command line options to run a script and then close. - Support for assemblies. - Python library paths bug fix. - Added support for comments on parameters. - Added support for getting the bounding box of parts. - Minor...