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    Attached Part from Sketchup--How To Turn Into STEP?

    I have attached a file from a customer that was made in Sketchup. Is there anyway to turn this into a step, iges, or parasolid type solid model so I can put it into my CAM software and make some machining paths? thanks!
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    Will Geomagic Design Open SolidWorks Drawings?

    Title says it all. Customer sent us a bunch of drawings in Solidworks Drawing format. Can I open them?
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    Getting Dimensions from Photo File????

    I have a couple of sample parts I need to dimensions off of. This one here has the curved slot. I have attached a photo. Is there any way to take dimensions from a photo with Geomagic?
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    Drawing Template Changes Do Not "Stick"

    I have attached one of my drawing templates. In the bottom right corner I have the company name in the template. It is there when I open the template, but not there when I create a drawing using this template. What am I doing wrong :?: Thanks!
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    Geomagic Design Install on 2nd Computer

    I'm wanting to load Geomagic Design on a computer in the shop. Is this allowed? I let my maintenance expire in December. I can't seem to log into my support account. I'm waiting for a password reset to happen. Thanks!
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    Round Bar--How do I put Bend in--.250 inch

    I am modeling a .250 diameter rod with threads on one end. On the other it needs a double bend. How do I do this. Do I need to use sheetmetal? I have the part already modeled in the unbent state. Thanks!
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    Converting DWG Drawings to PRT. Files??

    We have a retired engineer doing some work with us. One of the projects he is working on has a whole slew of dwg drawings that he made earlier. Quite a number of these will need to be modeled. Is there a simple easy way to import or open these dwg or dxf files in a prt file? thanks!
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    Metric and Imperial Dimension on Drawing

    I have a customer that wants both metric and imperial dimension on the drawing. Is there a setting where when I put a dimension on both show up? I just don't see where I can do this, but surely it is possible.
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    Renew or Not?

    Maintenance up for renewal again....don't know what to do. I use Geomagic an average of 2 hours per week. The last update was smooth, but not sure if it really changed anything for me. Will I have the opportunity in two years if I want to start maintenance again?
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    HELP on compound angle with plane, Please??

    Good Day to all, I have a problem here I need some help on.......I have attached the file and a screenshot. On the plane that is labeled "30 deg" I need to rotate it down 20 the other way. So basically it is a compound angle. I have tried and tried using the "30 deg" plane and inserting an...
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    How Do I Do a Helix Cut

    How do I do a helix cut? I need to make this flighting that is 15" long. The major OD is 2.375 and the root or minor OD is .75. The pitch is 3 inches. I have attached the file I am trying to make it on and also a picture of the old flighting. The web thickness is .188. thanks! Monte
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    Where is Best Place to Download Fasteners?

    What's the best place to download bolts and nuts for some of the assemblies I'm working on? Thanks!
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    Help! How Do I Add View to Second Page in Drawing?

    I am wanting to create a drawing with two sheets or pages. I have the first page created. Then I use the "new sheet" command and create a new sheet. Now I cannot bring the view into page two. I click on the "standard view" tab and nothing happens. See screenshot. Thanks for help.
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    Not Scaling Correctly When Printing

    When I print out a Geomagic drawing it is not quite fitting on a normal size paper. If I save it as a pdf, it is just fine. Attached is a file. What is my problem? Thanks
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    Do I Have to Pay Sales Tax on Maintenance Subscription?

    I'm renewing maintenance today. In order to not pay sales tax I need to supply a exemption. On our CAM system they never charge us sales tax for the maintenance subscription. Is this normal? I'm a little unsure which exemption this is..........it's not resale, it's not manufacturing...
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    Do You Know How to Open this DWG with GeoMagic?

    I need to open this DWG. It was created by inventor. It is empty when I import it. They say Inventor creates the geometry in block form and you have to insert and explode it. In Autocad use the insert command they told me. Attached is the file. If someone could show me how to open in...
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    What Happens if Subscription/Maintenance Expires?

    If I let my maintenance run out what is the penalty for coming back on? For example, if I don't renew and two years later I want to renew what happens? Thanks!
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    Geomagic vs Autodesk Fusion 360

    My time to renew my subscription for Geomagic is coming up. I am happy with it and like it.............Works well for making drawings up for some of our machine shop customers. However, Autodesk keeps emailing me about Fusion 360 and the monthly charges are about the same as my subscription...
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    How Do I Edit/Customize/Create Drawing Template??

    I need a template with our letterhead on it. I open up one of the existing templates and want to change a few of the fields and arrange it a bit different. However I cannot trim or delete any lines at all. How do I customize an existing template and save it as my own? Thanks
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    Please Help Me Weight this Part!?

    Attached is a part I need a weight on. It keeps telling me 5 pounds and something and I have a part here and it is only a pound or so.......Can one of check my file and show me what I have wrong. Part is alloy steel. Thanks!!!!