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Crib Sheet and Data for Basic Thread Form to Create Helical Threads Version 2020-06-08

Sketch Profiles and Thread Data to Create Helical Thread Forms

  1. HaroldL
    I zipped together the crib sheet that I previously posted in the Tutorials and Tips from the Community section along with some spread sheets of data for the profile size. The thread data was gleaned from the Fastener Black Book and includes pages for UNC from No. 1 to 2 Inch, UNF from No. 0 to 1-1/2 Inch, Metric Course from M1.6 x 0.3 to M56 x 5.5 and Metric Fine from M1.6 x 0.2 to M50 x 3.

    Only the data needed to dimension the profile sketches on the crib sheets is included. It provides for the Basic Major Diameter, Basic Minor Diameter and the radius of both. Also is the Pitch/8 and Pitch/4 values to dimension the top of the sketch triangle whether it is used for an internal or external thread form. IF the Basic Minor Radius value leaves a artifact or doesn't remove material to expose the thread then enter the Basic Minor Diameter/2. That should take care of any rounding error in the spread sheet.

    It should be noted that the resulting thread feature is only meant to show threads where and when needed for illustration or rendering. If you need to actually machine the threads in the parts then using configurations may be in order to allow for the thread data with the correct tolerance class to be used in one configuration while the "show" threads are in another configuration of the model.

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