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    gld's lofting problem

    Other CAD software - $5 to 10K, Alibre less than $2k. Pretty simple explanation.
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    How to SMP?

    Harold & Stefan, WOW! Even though the icons are right next to each other, I never knew about or even noticed the "Sketched bends" option. Looks like exactly what I need . Now all I have to do is figure out how to use it. Thanks!!!
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    How to SMP?

    Thanks guys, but it seems that this area where the angled wings meet with the flat tab radius remains a problem. Need this to be a smooth, fluid, natural transition, not some jagged edge.
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    How to SMP?

    Hey guys, I am trying to make this sheet metal bracket, but I just can't seem to wrap my head around how to do it right? The way it is now it won't unbend and I know its messed up. Thanks.
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    Airfoil sketch

    You want the bells & whistles, you gotta pay up.
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    Dimensions not the same

    Jake, based on your original post, That's how I would do it and how I would expect it to be done.
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    Mass computation error

    All it takes is one part being wrong to mess up the whole asm.
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    Dimension Anomally

    I haven't posted about this, but I see it often.
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    Version Stability 21,22,23??

    If you are still on maintenance, absolutely get the latest version, before dropping. No matter which version you are on, they all have problems - not better or worse, just different. I'm on V23 and I haven't seen any deal breakers or reasons to go back to previous versions. P.S. I'm in the...
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    Boolean mirror?

    Just for fun, trying to create a 3D frame of a vehicle. The Tracing Image I found in a Chassis Service Manual. Impossible to make from scratch. Accuracy is close enough. And please don’t make too much of the non-existing sketch dimensions & constraints. For what I am trying to do, it seems...
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    Centering text attached to dimensions

    Sorry, I went in the wrong direction with the text. I moved it right when you want to move it left.
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    Centering text attached to dimensions

    There isn't an "Alibre Home" There are: Atom, Professional and Expert. And yes there is a way I do it. When I insert lower tex,t I hit the space bar as many times as I need to get the text where I want it.
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    How to read mass? [fixed]

    That would be a nice addition!
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    How to read mass? [fixed]

    A HUGE improvement in V23!!! Design Summary for 00173 Volume = 752.17 in³ Mass = 24.74 lbm Surface Area = 4369.53 in² Center of Mass [ 21.77 in, .81 in, -.02 in ] Mass Moments of Inertia xx: 594.95 in²lbm yy: 16447.19 in²lbm zz: 16611.12 in²lbm yz: 2.75 in²lbm...
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    Save icon top left - hard to see status..

    X2 And the colors make the icons too difficult to see against the dark background.