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    gld's lofting problem

    I've seen that issue in the past on earlier AD versions. It was supposed to be fixed, but I guess it's still lurking in the background!
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    A new V24 update, videos, and performance list

    Absolutely! Would have been nice to see patterned or a number of spaced planes along the curve demonstrated (if that functionality is indeed available)?! i.e. every 5%, 10%, etc. Would be nice if the spacing was selectable as a distance along the curve rather than just a percentage, or even a...
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    A new V24 update, videos, and performance list

    It works ok IF you select the '3D Centre of mass visualisation' item first, THEN select another item. Something isn't getting initialised or set correctly on page load, me thinks!
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    A new V24 update, videos, and performance list

    I'm using Chrome and if you click on the item (i.e. Planes along a curve), you get the correct video thumbnail shown ... Hit the play button in the middle of the video and you get the 'first' video in the list played (3D Centre of mass visualisation) !... Page Caching????
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    Copying features

    4) Mirror it
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    Airfoil sketch

    If its just importing a series of points you can't do in Atom, then you can always add series of points manually, then dimension them. Then apply a spline through those points. That's how I have done many aerofoils. Bit long winded, but very doable! ...
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    Analysis blockage

    I suspect this is the 2nd open loop that needs deleting too ...
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    Analysis blockage

    Zoom in to this area to see what is really there and just delete it (circled in red) ...
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    PDF in Alibre

    Use the builtin pdf writer for generating output pdf from Alibre. If you need to edit pdfs later down the line, then any pdf editor will be a bonus. The two operations aren't really related, so whatever external pdf editor you choose to use has no bearing on compatibility with Alibre!
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    Best way to name parts and assemblys - automatic method??

    You really don't want to be renaming files outside of Alibre! ... You will get into such a deep hole, even the biggest shovel won't get you out of it!
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    Alibre Linear pattern not parametric?

    Patterning sketch figures is a one shot operation with no ability to edit (unless you delete the figures and re-apply). You need to use pattern features to have editability! Alibre has always been this way.
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    V23 - Sweep Bug !?

    Yes. I "worked around the issue! by deleting both sketches and redrawing them. I suspect the 'Normal' for the sweep sketch was the wrong way round or some other core engine bug! EDIT: If the path sketch didn't meet the profile sketch plane, I would have expected an error message and/or the...
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    V23 - Sweep Bug !?

    Anyone else seen this issue, where the geometry goes the opposite way along the path from the sweep sketch? (no, it's not just the preview!)...
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    Trying to Loft a race car body

    Totally agree Seb.
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    Trying to Loft a race car body

    From @Max 's v24 post, the loft tool has has quite a few enhancements for v24, so the issues and fustrations seen here 'may' soon be confined to history! Just be nice to know when v24 will actually be available. @Max ?