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    Dimensioning Frustration

    Yes, huge nuisance. If you DO pull out the dimension, it flips, but usually not where you want it to. A flip button would be perfect.....
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    A new V24 update, videos, and performance list

    Firefox is having trouble with that also
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    2-Inch Sweep Boss doesn't work (Resolved)

    The parallel part was due to using "rigid". That holds the profile in the same orientation through the sweep. Uncheck that, and the profile will be at 90 deg to the path.
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    2-Inch Sweep Boss doesn't work (Resolved)

    That sketch diameter did not work. Also, "rigid" did not work, which one would expect to be the case here. Rigid does not allow the profile to change angle, so it ends up parallel to the last bit of the sweep, which is not allowed.* If the profile is too large, the sweep intersects itself...
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    Alibre defaults to a 0.5" fillet for English units, but you CAN change that. Or are supposed to be able to. Generally, if you select the edges, and then edit the 0.5" to whatever you want, it works fine. If you do the reverse, setting the fillet, and then selecting the edges, it may revert...
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    Cleaning Blunt Thread Ends

    No reason you cannot do an extrude cut from the end of the thread for just the depth needed to shape the end of the thread..... You can make the end of the thread almost any shape you need.
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    PDF in Alibre

    I had trouble with V22 not doing PDF right. I just used the 3rd party PDF program instead. It has never caused ANY trouble.. I have simply not bothered to fool with it in V23. Maybe it was fixed between V22 and V23. I don't need 3D PDF now, so no need to use the internal program. The...
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    Loft Guide Curve Surface Distortion

    Loft just does that. Not sure why. It's a MAJOR fault in the Loft system. It seems to have something to do with the system of "fairing" the loft, which messes it up.
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    [Resolved] Inability to rotate with constraint

    The triad explanation specifically states that there must not be any constraints when doing the placement with the triad. Look in the help.
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    [Resolved] Inability to rotate with constraint

    You cannot use the triad if the part you want to move is constrained in any way. Constrain it to the surface, then remove the constraint. Using the proper triad circle will allow ONLY that rotation axis where you click on the part, so it will rotate without leaving the surface where it...
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    PDF in Alibre

    So what? What is the requirement for "compatibility"? The built-in has messed-up or not worked, making it not "compatible" with anything. A PDF program takes printer input, and turns it into a PDF. There is no "compatibility" issue at all. If you are talking about the old 3D PDF's, yeah...
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    Why I can not do more than two constrainst on a part?

    Actually, you get the error because you have indeed overconstrained, and some tiny error somewhere in the internal math says that you cannot have both. The best way to constrain is along the lines of what David J said. With a simple cube, you can "get away with" things that you should actually...
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    REALLY nasty problem that appears to be totally unfixable

    OK, I had to delete more files than I thought I would need to, but most of the model will now open. That DID trigger a flag of missing files, but it allowed opening. That converts it from potentially sparking homicide, down to being just really, really, annoying. This "solution" works, but...
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    REALLY nasty problem that appears to be totally unfixable

    A minor constituent of the main model got, by accident of mis-typing, a file of its same name as a part within it. The file of the constituent is now bad, and marks everything it is in as bad as well. Now the entire main model will not open, because the constituent of it has that issue. No...
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    PDF in Alibre

    "PDF995" has worked flawlessly with Alibre. That's more than I can say about whatever is built-into Alibre.