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  1. oldfox
    Cool. I always wanted to see what the inside of a stepper motor shaft looked like.:cool: Seriously, very well done. You really gotta get out more often.:rolleyes:
  2. bigseb
    This is a highly detailed model of a 42-40 stepper motor as used on 3D printers. Took a while but I modelled this down to the smallest component, including the bearings. You can download it from...
  3. oldfox
    @HaroldL Thanks, and I'll get some more poses going.
  4. HaroldL
    oldfox, when you click on the Upload New Gallery button you are presented with a drop-down to either Add New or select and existing gallery to add the new media to. Where is says "Choose an...
  5. oldfox
    @bigseb I don't see how to ADD to an existing album. Is it possible or must I just upload everything anew?