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Recent Comments

  1. ronmoore007
    Donald. this is a great job.
  2. HaroldL
    Looking at the link I remember now. Thanks for the link - odd that a search on the forum for "egg" didn't find anything.
  3. DBC
    Hi Harold. I found the texture on the internet and I would suspect they would be a farm fresh egg. I know we can buy brown ones where I am but white is still the prevalent type. I was part of...
  4. HaroldL
    DBC - Just curious, are these eggs hard boiled or fresh off the farm? I like the spots on them, adds to the realism. Did you create the eggs in Alibre or down load the model? A long time ago,...
  5. bigseb
    @TimoCAD Actually I used to do this back when we still had Alibre Motion. Alibre Motion wasn't the most sophisticated tool but it was super easy to set up and was great for what you describe. Here...