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RSJ 4NHP TopView

RSJ 4NHP TopView
HaroldL, Jan 14, 2019
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    • GIOV
      Hi Harold,
      Fantastic model of the steam tractor. It is feasible you show a middle Section view? Where is the centrifugal governor?
    • HaroldL
      Giov, Thanks for the compliment. I am planning some section views of the model in the next couple of weeks. Although I have seen some steam tractors that have centrifugal governors the set of drawings I worked from for this model did not have one, nor was one indicated in the drawing notes. There were several items not shown on the drawings (tubing, clamps, oiler mounting) and I referred to images of other like models of the Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies 4NHP I found on various web sites to finish the model out. Hopefully I retained the original as close as possible.
      BTW, I have seen other modelers versions of this same steam tractor on the web (GrabCad) and they don't have a centrifugal governor. (???)
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