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Nozzle GIF
RocketNut, Sep 14, 2017
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    • bigseb
      This is very very cool. How did you create the gif?
    • RocketNut
      First of all the pedal angles are linked together using the global parameter "Pedal Angle". Then starting at max open angle of +15Deg, Then I took a GIF frame shot of the nozzle, Then I subtracted 5Deg from the Pedal Angle and took another GIF shot. I repeated the processes subtracting 5Deg each time, until I got to -50Deg (max closure angle). Once I got to max closure angle I repeated the process adding 5Deg to the Pedal Angle until I got back to max open angle. Once I got back to max open angle (+15Deg) the GIF was complete an I was done.

      The pedal linkages are constrained ball joints and just follows the pedal angle, which makes it appear there doing the pedal movement.

      I used "GIF Maker" (http://blog.bahraniapps.com/gifcam/)to create the GIF.
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    • bigseb

      Old school stop animation. The Seb, he like!
    • Ydl
      This is a thing that I like.
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